The Response To Terrorism Cannot Be Holy War

While Angela Merkel and her government are doubtless going to have to re-evaluate their open door policy on immigration, I admire their restraint in condemning the Muslim population at large.

China Returns Seized US Drone: Claim They Weren't Stealing It

Relax everybody. China didn’t steal an American drone in international waters – they merely were borrowing it for a little while.

Trump Says He Will Move The US Embassy to Jerusalem

If Trump follows through with the relocation of the embassy, Muslims on a global scale would be furious.

The Trial Of South Korea's Presidential Shadow Advisor

With her trial starting today, Choi stands accused of extortion, abuse of power, and attempted fraud.

Trump And Turkey- No Clear Policy On Conflict Of Interests

Is Turkey a sign of Trump's position on conflicts of interest?


Regardless of the victor, at the end of it all, every Syrian citizen has ultimately lost the war.

The Filipino Drug War: Open Season On Dealers And Users

Referred to as “extrajudicial killings,” these murders have become commonplace. But there is support both for and against this movement.

Merkel: Trolls and Fake News Could Influence Upcoming Election

With right-wing groups taking advantage of digital marketing, they’re gaining popularity in the polls.

Everyone Loathes Marineland: An Endless Trail Of Abuse

What could be more family-friendly than abusing aquatic life coliseum-style?

Of Pronouns And Men: Individual Rights Vs. Asshole Behavior

Refusing to call someone by their pronoun of choice is definitely an individual’s right- it also makes that individual a jackass.

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