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Journalistic Meth Fire: Teacher Suspended For Doing Their Job

What’s really ground my gear about the whole story is that it’s making me sympathize with the people who say the media is completely untrustworthy.

The Politics Of Potter: Will J.K. Rowling Take In Refugees?

Maybe Rowling isn't a virtue signaling SJW. Maybe she really does care about those refugees from Syria, so much so that she'll let them stay in her mansions forever.

Riots In France Don't Mean Le Pen Has The Election

Moreover, she is faced with a challenge that neither one of her playground buddies had to face: an anti-establishment candidate from the left who is just as deft at grabbing his own headlines.

Marine Le Pen Might Actually Be The Next President Of France

Global politics is entering a new era. It’s safe to assume French politics will as well, with Marine Le Pen at its helm.

Canadian Conservatives Laugh At Cabinet Minister’s Former Job

This week in the Canadian Parliament, a federal cabinet minister was laughed at in the House of Commons for his former working class job.

A Day Without A Woman Brings Much Needed Awareness

Next time you hear that women enjoy every equality, that all of this affirmative action squawking is just laziness or a mask for a hidden liberal agenda, think about the fact that my mother still doesn’t get paid as much as her male counterparts.

Will Trump Put Troops In Syria To Deliver On Defeating ISIS?

The decision to advance the fight against ISIS will rest with President Donald Trump, who made the total destruction of the Middle Eastern terrorist organization a key pillar of his 2016 presidential campaign. 

Is CETA A Sign Of Diversified Canadian Economic Dependence?

While I don’t think this trade deal is in practice going to weaken the relationship between Canada and the U.S. the conflict of ideas is clear.

Trump and Trudeau Meet to Discuss Economy

With a president known for his unpredictability, meandering speeches, falsehoods and Twitter rants, I think we can declare this meeting a relatively roaring success.

"Nos Amis": A Documentary, And The Paris Terrorist Attacks

The saying ‘Never Forget’ carries different meanings.