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School Board Meeting On Muslim Prayers Gets Ugly

Islamophobia should have no place in society, but religion should have no place in public schools.

Power Shuffle In Israeli-Syrian Conflict

While it is unclear how this conflict will play out, one thing is certain- Moscow and Tehran are now calling more of the shots in the Middle East than ever before.

From Kimonos to Hoop Earrings: Who Owns Culture?

I personally think the key to cultural appropriation is intent .

The Status Quo On Terrorism Isn't Good Enough

The continued existence of ISIS and their ability to perpetrate attacks abroad is an indicator of moral weakness and indifference among the leadership of the free world.

Why Angela Merkel Is The New 'Leader Of The Free World'

Mutti, I hope you are ready for the rest of the world to look to you for guidance. We aren’t getting it from anywhere else right now, and we need to believe things can get better.

May Uses Anti-Brexit Points Against Scottish Referendum

If the UK referendum was about taking back decision-making power from a larger body whose interests clash with those of the state, then so too is the Scottish case.

Brits Are Not Amused Over Bogus Spying Claims

Britain had every right to demand a quick apology, and hopefully delivered a lecture about why Trump should choose his words more carefully.

Going Dutch? What Wilders' Loss Means For Europe

The Dutch center’s swing to the right has shown victory over extremism may involve some problematic compromises.

North Korea: Can Trump Succeed Where Others Failed?

North Korea developed nuclear capabilities on Bush’s watch and continued their rise under Obama’s. Neither the carrot nor the stick worked.

Gender Pay Gap In Canada Decreases

We need to better understand and educate ourselves on how to fight the stereotypes and stigmas that still exist about women in the workplace.