Regardless of the victor, at the end of it all, every Syrian citizen has ultimately lost the war.

The Filipino Drug War: Open Season On Dealers And Users

Referred to as “extrajudicial killings,” these murders have become commonplace. But there is support both for and against this movement.

Merkel: Trolls and Fake News Could Influence Upcoming Election

With right-wing groups taking advantage of digital marketing, they’re gaining popularity in the polls.

Everyone Loathes Marineland: An Endless Trail Of Abuse

What could be more family-friendly than abusing aquatic life coliseum-style?

Of Pronouns And Men: Individual Rights Vs. Asshole Behavior

Refusing to call someone by their pronoun of choice is definitely an individual’s right- it also makes that individual a jackass.

Demonetization Kills, But It Might Also Be A Stroke Of Genius.

India’s Dark Knight may not be the hero they want, but he’s at least trying to be what they need.

Europe is Falling, And The Alt-Right Is Rising

Millions of refugees? Check. Terrorism? Yup. Are France and Germany carrying the load? Absolutely.

The Chinese Trade War: What's At Stake?

Do you remember the story about your dad diligently working away to assemble iPhones in order to put food on the table? Neither do I.

A Chinese Hoax: Why Ignoring Climate Change Is Bad For Everyone

We need to stop pretending that the discussion around climate change is a discussion.

Standing with the Standing Rock Tribe

The Dakota Access Pipeline Fight is one focused on Indigenous rights, fair access to land and the ability to drink and use clean water.


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