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Will UK Terror Attack Affect Trump's Comments On NATO?

When in Europe, Trump should seize the opportunity to temper some of his more controversial proposals.

Confronting Terrorism: We Need To Start Being Honest

Remember it was only two months ago that a man attacked many people in London. Did we already forget? Now more people in England are dead.

Manchester: Trump's Terror Message More Urgent Than Ever

There’s nothing wrong with praising the strength of Mancunians and Brits as a whole. But, as President Trump showed in Saudi Arabia, a stern message is important.

Jagmeet Singh Should Make Justin Trudeau Nervous

Tied to charisma and approachability, young members of the community are rallying around him- much like they did with Trudeau before his 2015 election.

Cultural Appropriation Prize: What The Hell Was Hal thinking?

Niedzviecki is right about one thing:-- white, middle-class writers need to "explore the lives of people who aren't like [them]."

Canadian School Cancels Mother's Day Activities

Albert McMahon Elementary School, located in Mission, British Columbia (BC), sent a letter home May 1 with first and second graders notifying parents of their decision to nix any classroom gift-making for Mom (and later, Dad) this year.v

Could Mexico Be The Next Islamic State?

There may come a time when the biggest state sponsor of radical, Islamic terrorism isn't far away in the Middle East. It might be right on our doorstep.

Study: A $200 Expense Would Put Most Canadians Into Debt

The survey, carried out by Ipsos for insolvency consultancy MNP, highlights the fallout from the debt binge Canadians are currently on.

The Symbolic Value of Emmanuel Macron’s Victory

If the goal of democracy is to work within a defined system to establish a consensus then the French are simply better at it. And that’s the lesson of Macron’s victory.

Obama Endorses French Presidential Candidate Macron

European elections are no longer just about European concerns. There are larger issues at play, ones that affect the broader stability of Europe and the global order- which America has a huge stake in.