Putin’s Crusade Backfires as Finland, Sweden Move Closer to NATO Membership

Putin aimed to stop NATO from growing but it looks like it's about to add two new members.

Putin Purges More Than 100 FSB Agents Over Ukraine Failures

The head of the top FSB division was placed under house arrest and then sent to a notorious prison.

Macron to Face Surging Far-Right Candidate Marine Le Pen in French Election Runoff

“The far right has never been so close to winning," candidates warn.

Russian Airstrike Kills At Least 50 People Trying to Evacuate at Train Station, Ukraine Says

Russia denied responsibility for the attack.

AG Merrick Garland Announces DOJ Investigating Russian War Crimes in Ukraine

Top US prosecutors are assisting European law enforcement in sprawling war crimes probe.

European Union Proposes Ban on Russian Coal After “Heinous Crimes” in Ukraine

But the EU stopped short of a ban on Russian oil and gas.

Pro-China Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Stepping Aside, Likely to Be Replaced With Hard-Line Security Chief

Lam faced opposition over pro-China policies and recent Covid outbreak.

Russia Faces New Sanctions After Apparent War Crimes in Ukraine’s Bucha

EU and US vow to step up financial pain after images of killed civilians show devastation in areas that were occupied by Russia.

Moscow Accuses Ukraine of Attacking Oil Depot Inside Russia

US officials also said Ukraine was behind the air strikes.

Russia Attacks Kyiv and Areas It Vowed to Ease Assault in Peace Talks

"They're saying 'reducing intensity,' they actually have increased the intensity of strikes," Ukrainian mayor says.

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