Princess Latifa Deserves a Better Advocate Than an Impotent United Nations

The organization’s stated commitment to the human rights of all peoples feels more and more like an empty promise with each missed opportunity.

Military Stages Coup in Myanmar, Arrests Leader After Landslide Election Win

Leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior officials were detained Monday.

Britain and European Union Reach Brexit Trade Deal

The barebones deal leaves a lot to be sorted out in the future.

United Kingdom Rolls Out First Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Amid Concerns About Logistics, Theft

The vaccine is ready, but now comes the hard part.

The Wuhan Files: China's Mishandling and Obfuscation in the Early Stages of the Pandemic

Newly leaked documents from the Hubei CDC show how the Chinese government suppressed evidence of COVID-19 and mishandled the early stages of the pandemic.

Chinese Citizen Journalist Faces Up To 5 Years in Jail For Reporting on Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

Zhang is one of numerous journalists arrested in China for reporting on the outbreak.

A Friendly Reminder That French Secularism Is Not to Blame for Religious Terrorism

The right of the French people to communicate their thoughts and opinions about any religion must be protected at all costs.

Israel, UAE, and Bahrain Sign Diplomatic Agreements at the White House

Trump teased that five other countries may soon join the accords.

Germany: Putin Critic Alexey Navalny Poisoned With Novichok Nerve Agent

Western governments condemned Russia over the poisoning.

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Resigns Over Health Reasons After Setting Record for Longest Tenure

Abe said he suffered a relapse of a bowel disease that forced him out of office more than a decade earlier.

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