Biden Administration Wants to Turn Taiwan Into a “Giant Weapons Depot” Amid China Threat

US stockpiling weapons in Taiwan over threat of Chinese blockade.

OPEC+ Announces Its Cutting Oil Production by 2 Million Barrels a Day Despite US Pressure

The move threatens to hurt Democrats ahead of the midterms.

“F**k Off”: Zelensky, Ukraine Officials Blast Elon Musk’s Pro-Russia “Peace” Plan

The Kremlin praised Musk's message as "positive."

Far-Right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Forces Runoff Election Against Leftist Challenger Lula

The two candidates will face off in an October 30 election.

Zelensky Says Ukraine Filing “Accelerated” NATO Application

"De facto, we have already proven compatibility with alliance standards," Zelensky said.

Putin Claims 15% of Ukraine is Now Russia as He Rails Against Western “Satanism”

The US imposed a new round of sanctions in response to the illegal annexation.

EU Blames Sabotage For Leaks in Russian Nord Stream Pipeline

Russia denied responsibility — and tried to blame the U.S.

Russia Poised to Annex 4 Ukrainian Regions After Sham Referendum Votes

The EU vowed to impose sanctions in response to the “illegal, illegitimate referendums.”

Gunman Shoots Russian Military Recruiter as Thousands Flee Putin’s Mobilization

The gunman was reportedly upset his friend was drafted despite having no military experience.

UN Human Rights Commission Determines War Crimes Were Committed in Ukraine

Russian soldiers have also committed "sexual violence, torture, and cruel and inhuman treatment," commission says.

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