EU Alleges “Blackmail” After Russia Cuts Off Gas to Poland and Bulgaria

Russia provides 90% of Bulgaria's gas and 45% of Poland's supplies.

Blasts Hit Moldova’s Pro-Russia Breakaway Region Amid Worries That Russia is Expanding Aims

Moldova worries it may be next.

Defense Secretary: US Wants Russian Military “Weakened” From Ukraine Invasion

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a secret trip to Kyiv.

Biden Announces “Streamlined” Plan to Bring Ukrainian Refugees to United States

The US warned that Ukrainians will no longer be allowed to enter the country through Mexico.

Russia Plans to Seize “Full Control” of Southern Ukraine Too as It Plots Pathway to Moldova

Russia sets plans for "second phase" of its war in Ukraine.

Putin Claims Victory in Mariupol, Orders Blockade of Remaining Ukrainian Forces at Steel Plant

Several thousand Ukrainian fighters are holed up at a Mariupol steel plant and refuse to surrender.

UK Judge Approves Julian Assange Extradition But It’s Not a Done Deal Yet

Assange has four weeks to appeal the decision to the UK Home Secretary.

Biden Administration Plans to Send Another $800 Million Weapons Package to Ukraine

The package would bring the total amount of US assistance to $3.4 billion.

Russia Announces New Phase of War in Ukraine Amid Barrage of Eastern Front

Russia refocuses on eastern Ukraine after its troops failed in Kyiv.

Russia Warns US to Stop Arming Ukraine, Citing “Unpredictable Consequences”

The diplomatic note came as Biden announced a new $800 million weapons shipment.

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