Today in PC: School Bans Pricey Coats so Poor Students Feel OK

So what if Woodchurch High is unwittingly embracing the logic of Soviet Russia? It’s 2018, and if feelings of inadequacy and inequality can be eliminated through the shunning of material signs of varying expense, then it must be!

South Sudan Struggles with Continued War, a Break from the Arabic World

Not even eight years after its independence, the future of the young nation of South Sudan is already in doubt.

Libya’s Chaos Has Caused a Predatory, Thuggish Economy

Those in power now are not eager to see the nation improve, and the tyranny that Libyans now live in manifests itself as a nation ruled by fragmented government factions, organized criminals, and terrorists bent on radicalizing the disenfranchised living within the nation’s borders.

Release of Greek Terrorists Heightens International Tensions

While Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has named the United States as its most critical ally in the region, the underlying views of his party continue to rear their ugly head.

Japan’s Spike in Youth Suicide May Be Disturbing, Global ‘New Normal’

When five-year-olds are taking their own lives, it is tough to argue the optimistic side of the debate. Which may mean that the increased trend in adolescent suicide is, unfortunately, a new normal.

Rwanda’s Kagame Could Be a Tyrant in Democratic President's Clothing, or a Genius. Perhaps Both.

One must consider that these realities are not mutually exclusive. In post-apartheid Africa, few things are ever black and white.

UN 2030: An Economic, Social, and Environmental Paradigm Shift of Epic Proportions

The UN 2030 Agenda and its SDGs are said to be “transformative” in nature, and their adoption is the cornerstone of a new way of understanding economic and human development.

The France-formation Persists: Arabic Now Being Taught in Schools

Once again, France – in lockstep with much of its Western European neighbors – is proving that the discomfort necessary to create any semblance of unity in the future is far too difficult in the now to undertake.

Today Ireland May Finally Repeal its Ridiculous Blasphemy Law

Repealing the rarely enforced blasphemy law may seem minor, but it's a move that cuts off the last vestiges of Ireland’s past as a Catholic-controlled country.

Surveillance Video Shows Saudis Tried to Use Body Double to Cover Up Khashoggi Murder

A Saudi agent dressed up in slain Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi's clothes in a botched attempt to cover up his killing at a consulate in Istanbul.