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Austria and Denmark Plan to Ease Coronavirus Restrictions Despite Health Warnings

Austria and Denmark plan to reopen in phases as other European countries worry it might be too soon.

Boris Johnson in “Stable Condition,” Receiving Oxygen After Being Transferred to ICU

Johnson is breathing on his own and does not need a ventilator, his spokesperson said.

Chinese Tourist Sites Packed With Visitors Despite Experts’ Warnings on Coronavirus Risk

China was the first country to reopen but experts are worried about another wave of coronavirus infections.

Authoritarians Around the World are Using the Coronavirus to Crack Down on Rights

From Hungary to Serbia to Israel, governments are seizing extraordinary powers under emergency orders.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Becomes First World Leader to Test Positive for The Coronavirus

Boris Johnson said he will self-isolate but will continue running the country.

G7 Fails to Issue Coronavirus Statement Because Mike Pompeo Demanded to Call It “Wuhan Virus”

Pompeo said it was “important to point out that the virus came from the Chinese city of Wuhan."

Study Shows Chloroquine Drug Hyped by Trump No More Effective For Coronavirus Than Regular Treatment

The malaria drug touted by Trump did not produce results that were any different from patients who did not take it.

China Strengthen “Secret Police” Raids Against Their COVID-19 Critics

The crisis has only expanded the scale of the Chinese government's authoritarian crackdown on its population. 

China Now Trying to Stop People From Other Countries From Bringing In Coronavirus

China is now trying to stop imported cases of the coronavirus after number of new cases falls.

International Court Approves Probe Into US War Crimes in Afghanistan

The International Criminal Court approved its first investigation into possible US war crimes in Afghanistan.