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Ex-Ukrainian President, Prosecutor Debunk Trump Conspiracy: Biden Never Asked to Close Cases

Former Ukrainian leaders say there was no pressure to close probe, and Hunter Biden never did anything illegal.

UK Supreme Court Rules That Boris Johnson’s Suspension of Parliament Was Unlawful

The high court ruled that Johnson unlawfully shut down Parliament and ordered it to resume.

Trump and Giuliani’s Biden Conspiracy Theory Was Debunked Months Before Ukrainian President Call

Trump and Rudy claim Biden forced out prosecutor investigating son's company. Except, he wasn't investigating it after all.

‘I’m Angry I Have To Be Here’: Young People Lead Global Climate Strike to Protest Inaction

Youth climate activists around the world led what could be the biggest protest on climate change in history.

Third Photo in 24 Hours Emerges of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in Blackface

The photos come after Trudeau kicked off his re-election campaign.

Trump Says He’s Ordering New Sanctions Against Iran After Saudi Oil Attack

After hinting at military response, Trump says he ordered new sanctions against Iran.

US Officials Say Israel ‘Most Likely’ Set Up Surveillance Devices Near White House to Spy on Trump

Officials were stunned when Trump did nothing after the FBI concluded the Israelis were trying to spy on his calls.

Trump Admin Proposes 100% Tariffs on European Cheese, Wine, Olive Oil, and Meat

Thousands of US retailers may be forced to double their prices if the Trump administration gets it way.

Trump Cancels Secret 9/11 Taliban Meeting at Camp David Because He Wanted Credit for Himself

The secret meeting fell apart after Trump tried to make the ongoing peace negotiations about a win for himself.

Boris Johnson Calls for New Election After Losing Parliament Vote on No-Deal Brexit

Boris Johnson suffers defeat on first attempt, demands new elections after 21 party members defect.


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