Colombia’s Beer-Soaked National Sport May Have to Sober Up to Grow

It involves two-pound metal disks shaped like a chocolate lava cake, clay pits affixed with packets of gunpowder, and beer.

Lots of beer.

Netanyahu Faces Corruption Charges that Aren't Likely to Stick

Netanyahu will not resign. He’s treated the charges as if they are smear campaigns levied by his political opponents, and has even made light of their seriousness.

Here’s How Europe, China and the U.S. are Funding South Sudan’s Civil War

With the international community so clearly uncommitted to seeing peace in South Sudan, and the nation in the throes of war, how can the notion of peace be taken seriously by the average world citizen?

French Civil Servant Charged as North Korea Spy…Wait, What?

Benoit Quennedey, unless his entire official existence within the French government is some sort of sleight of hand, comes off as Maxwell Smart blended with Inspector Clouseau meets Dick Steele.

CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill Over United Nations Speech Criticizing Israel

CNN fired a liberal commentator for criticizing Israel in a United Nations speech.

Trump Lawyer Offered Vladimir Putin $50 Million Penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow

Michael Cohen told top Putin spokesman that the Trump Organization would gift the Russian president a $50 million penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow.

Senate Rebukes Trump With Bipartisan Vote to End US Military Support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen

The Bernie Sanders-sponsored bill got 19 Republican votes after failing to pass in March.

Conflicting Accounts Muddy Picture of What Happened in Russia-Ukraine Incident

Even mainstream reports acknowledged the Russian side of the story: that Ukrainian ships were sailing into their waters in a provocative manner.

Paul Manafort Secretly Met With Julian Assange Around Time He Joined Trump Campaign: Report

Trump's former campaign chief met with WikiLeaks founder around the same time he joined the campaign.

Vatican Continues to Stonewall Earnest Sex Abuse Investigations

It turns out the top-down culture of sexual abuse, coverup, and status quo is exactly the same as its ever been.