Trump Pulling US Out of Longstanding Nuclear Treaty With Russia

Russia violated the treaty for years, but critics warn the move could trigger a Cold War-style arms race.

Trump Considering ‘Military Force’ in Venezuela: Senator Lindsey Graham

Top Trump ally says the president has discussed using military force in Venezuela though there are no current plans.

Trump Admin Recognizes Opposition Leader as Venezuela’s New Interim President

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered all US diplomats out of the country in response.

New Secret Missile Base Discovered in North Korea Ahead of Second Trump-Kim Summit

Watchdog group reveals as many as 20 secret undisclosed sites ahead of new Trump-Kim summit.

New Study Shows 26 Richest Billionaires Have as Much Wealth as Poorest 3.8 Billion People

The study's authors warned that reform requires significant tax overhauls, which could result in massive gains for the majority of the world population.

Run or Hide: The Crackdown on Homosexuals in Tanzania

Homosexuals in Tanzania are forced to live a life of secrecy and danger, and their plight may be recognized too late.

Senate GOP Blocks Bipartisan Bill to Enforce Sanctions on Putin Ally Tied to Trump Campaign

Senate Republicans stopped sanctions from being enforced on Putin ally promised private campaign briefings by Trump campaign chief.

World Health Organization: Anti-Vaxxer Movement One of Top 10 Health Threats

The World Health Organization warned that the delay or refusal of vaccines has led to a sharp rise in measles cases.

Unstable Stability in Yemen is Unfamiliar, Welcome Territory

A tentative ceasefire was reached in December, but much more progress is needed. 

Latin American Women are Being Killed at Record Rates, So They’re Fleeing to America

It’s truly a matter of life and death for the women of Latin America.