NAFTA Talks Off To A Contentious Start

Even his critics admit that negotiation is one of the President’s greatest strengths, and this is the first opportunity for him to flex his muscles.

The ISIS Capital Of Raqqa Is Surrounded

Kurdish commander Nowruz Ahmed told Reuters that the fight to eradicate ISIS from Raqqa will be over in approximately two months. 

Teachers Bid To Remove John A. Macdonald's Name From Schools

It is undeniably unfair to paint a picture of Macdonald which revolves primarily around the Indian Act, a minor aspect of the man’s overwhelmingly positive legacy.

Iceland’s Down Syndrome ‘Solution’ is Disturbing

They have eliminated a whole category of children, ones who cannot help but wipe a huge grin off their faces. For that, Iceland should be ashamed.

Trump Won't Rule Out Military Option In Venezuela

Trump’s comments are meant to serve as a precursor to further economic sanctions against Venezuela, whose economy is already in a choke-hold.

Canada Is Not Ready For A Haitian Refugee Crisis

If the current rate of asylum claimants continues to climb, it will take 11 years for the Immigration Review Board to adjudicate a claim filed this year.

History Is Not On The Side Of Trump's Afghanistan Policy

In a move that is sure to alienate Trump from his populist base, Trump is finding little support for his decision to send more troops into Afghanistan.

What Is Trump Up Against In Afghanistan?

Trump's statements on Monday show that America's best military minds still have no idea what to do about Afghanistan. 

Combating Terrorism In France Is Nearly Impossible

French authorities are said to have a total watch list of 15,000 suspected radical Islamists, with approximately 4,000 designated as being a “high-risk” to commit a terror attack.

A Charlottesville-Like Riot Could Be Coming To Toronto

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the gathering of white nationalists in Charlottesville is already breeding copy-cats.