Trump Lawyer Offered Vladimir Putin $50 Million Penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow

Michael Cohen told top Putin spokesman that the Trump Organization would gift the Russian president a $50 million penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow.

Senate Rebukes Trump With Bipartisan Vote to End US Military Support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen

The Bernie Sanders-sponsored bill got 19 Republican votes after failing to pass in March.

Conflicting Accounts Muddy Picture of What Happened in Russia-Ukraine Incident

Even mainstream reports acknowledged the Russian side of the story: that Ukrainian ships were sailing into their waters in a provocative manner.

Paul Manafort Secretly Met With Julian Assange Around Time He Joined Trump Campaign: Report

Trump's former campaign chief met with WikiLeaks founder around the same time he joined the campaign.

Vatican Continues to Stonewall Earnest Sex Abuse Investigations

It turns out the top-down culture of sexual abuse, coverup, and status quo is exactly the same as its ever been.

US Drone Strikes Has Spiked Dramatically Since Trump Took Office

Under Trump, drone strikes in non-battlefield countries and war zones spiked compared to the first two years of Obama.

Hillary Clinton Wants to Defeat Nationalists Who Want to Curtail Migration by Curtailing Migration

Hillary Clinton wants to counter right-wing nationalists by buying into their xenophobia.

Leaders of Eritrea, One of Africa’s Most Oppressive Regimes, Have Sanctions Lifted

For the people of Eritrea, the dictatorship persists, and little if anything will change, despite the United Nations’ implied endorsement of a Eritrean regime with a shameful record on human rights. 

Facebook Didn't Take Down Post for Days as Child Bride was Auctioned Off in South Sudan

Facebook failed to take down a post for days after they were alerted that a child bridge was being auctioned off with help from their network.

Venezuelan Military Purge a Sign of Maduro’s Desperation

Before being elected to the National Assembly in 2000, Maduro was a bus driver. And, he’s handled his position as leader of Venezuela in charge of the state-owned economy as well as any bus driver would be expected to.