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Duterte Critic Maria Ressa Convicted of Cyber Libel in the Philippines: “Politically Motivated”

Her lawyers said the charge came after a simple punctuation change to an old article.

China Approves Unprecedented Bill Imposing National Security Crackdown in Hong Kong

The United States vowed to retaliate, saying it no longer considered Hong Kong autonomous from China.

WHO Halts Hydroxychloroquine Study After Researchers Find Higher Risk of Death

The WHO will temporarily pause its trial to review the drug over safety concerns.

China May Repurpose Coronavirus Tracking Apps for Widespread Surveillance

Experts worry the apps will be turned into a widespread surveillance tool.

President Trump's Mistakes Do Not Absolve China of its Responsibility for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic cost lives, but China’s mishandling of the pandemic almost certainly cost many more, perhaps even by orders of magnitude.

US Allies’ Intelligence Says It Is “Highly Unlikely” Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab

"It is highly likely it was naturally occurring," a source said.

Homeland Security Accuses China of Covering Up Coronavirus to Hoard Supplies

China ramped up medical imports while winding down exports as it kept quiet on the virus, the report says.

South Korea Says Kim Jong Un “Alive and Well” Amid Rumors About His Health

"No suspicious movements have so far been detected," South Korea said.

China Says Actual Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll is 50% Higher Than Reported

China added nearly 1,300 victims to Wuhan death toll.

China Kept Coronavirus Pandemic A Secret for Six Days: Report

China downplayed the coronavirus publicly even after learning it posed a huge threat.