Trump Administration Considering Accepting North Korea as Nuclear Power: New York Times

The Trump administration may drop their denuclearization demands in hopes of a pre-election win after negotiations went nowhere.

Kim Jong Un’s Murdered Half Brother Was a CIA Informant: Wall Street Journal

Kim Jong Nam was killed while traveling to Malaysia to meet his CIA contact, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Republicans Team Up With Dems to Block Trump’s Arm Sales to Saudi Arabia

The State Department declared an emergency to get around Senate opposition. Both parties are unhappy.

US Trade Deficit in Goods With China Spikes 30% Despite Trump Tariffs

After Trump bragged that his China tariffs would decrease the trade deficit, the US trade deficit with China increased by nearly 30 percent.

Trump Dossier Author Christopher Steele Agrees to Be Questioned by US Investigators

The interview comes amid multiple investigations by Trump's attorney general targeting the origins of the probe into Trump's ties to Russia.

Bob Mueller’s Team Busted Trump Probe Witness George Nader With Child Porn: Prosecutors

Nader was a key witness in the Mueller probe and worked to set up a secret Trump-Russia backchannel before Trump took office.

Elaine Chao Canceled ‘Inappropriate’ China Meeting to Boost Family Biz After State Dept. Alarms

Elaine Chao's request to include family member in meeting with Chinese officials raised ethics concerns at the State Department.

Trump’s Trade War With China Could Slash Global GDP by $600 Billion Each Year

The trade war isn't just hurting the United States and China and an escalation could have dire effects on the global economy.

Rudy Giuliani Claims He Didn’t Go to Ukraine For Dirt on Biden Because of ‘Trap’ Set by George Soros

Giuliani claimed that even the former US ambassador to Ukraine was tied to George Soros with no evidence.

Trump Contradicts National Security Advisers on North Korea Missiles, Brags Kim Mocked Joe Biden

Trump dismisses advisers and allies' concerns, claims that Kim called Joe Biden "low IQ."


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