Unstable Stability in Yemen is Unfamiliar, Welcome Territory

A tentative ceasefire was reached in December, but much more progress is needed. 

Latin American Women are Being Killed at Record Rates, So They’re Fleeing to America

It’s truly a matter of life and death for the women of Latin America.

How China Blends Consumerism and Communism

It seems that, so long as the status of foreign brands as luxury symbols to be aspired to – the clothing equivalent of the most effective skin-lightening treatment – is not alluded to directly, brands are free to tap into the accepted ethos.

Yellow Vests: Fragmented, Violent, Not Stopping Any Time Soon

The reasons for discontent given by the group vary; for some, it’s economics; for others, the French president; for yet others, mass migration has them riled up. The common thread: their yellow vests.

2 Mike Flynn Associates Indicted For Acting as Foreign Agents

The two illegally tried to lobby the United States into extraditing a Turkish cleric who lives in the US.

Senate Votes to End US Support For Saudi Arabia in Yemen War Over Khashoggi Killing

The Senate also unanimously voted to hold Saudi Arabia's crown prince responsible for the murder.

Theresa May Pulls Plug on Brexit Vote to Avoid Major Loss

Theresa May cancels Brexit vote amid 'widespread concern' over Northern Ireland backstop.

Latin American Crime Wave Means Vigilante Justice is a Fact of Life

When corruption, incompetence, and sheer lack of funding cripple those forces, what we are left with is teenagers thrusting broken glass bottles into the stomachs of other innocent teens through some misguided sense of vengeance.

Reports Show Growth and Green Policies are Opposing Forces

Electricity - needed for growth - as we now know how to best produce it, is not good for the environment. Ipso facto, growth and green can’t both progress with the technologies we currently have on hand.

Ecuador President: Julian Assange Can Leave Embassy After UK Provides Guarantees

Ecuador's president has long wanted to get rid of Assange.