What 'Forced Migrant Quotas' Mean For The EU

The European Union’s Civil Liberties Commission has put forward a series of proposals to the Dublin Agreement that would, in effect, mean EU nations are obliged to take on permanent, imposed migrant quotas. While the world’s media remains silent on the changes, several countries are enraged by the despotic and undemocratic proposals.

The Dublin Agreement (Regulation) is a 2003 policy that ostensibly ensures that all member states share a common set of processes regarding Asylum applications. But in recent months it has come under fire from the Visegrád nations (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary) as the EU has used this mechanism to force the countries to take in migrants who the EU themselves have rebranded as refugees.

These countries have refused on the grounds of national security and are in the process of being sued by the EU Commission to either pay over 20,000 EUR per migrant or to take them in.

The new amendments titled: ‘EU asylum policy: reforming the Dublin rules to create a fairer system’ may have a “friendly” title, but in reality, it is one of the most sweeping and totalitarian reforms yet proposed by the EU.

As summarized by Breitbart, the measures would include:

  1. Scrapping the rule that the first country of safe arrival is responsible for asylum seekers who reach its borders;
  2. Asylum seekers’ preference would be taken into consideration with migrants being able to choose between four countries which, at that time, had received the fewest number of asylum seekers;
  3. Faster family reunification;
  4. Applicants will have the “option to register as a group” of up to 30 on arrival in Europe;
  5. “All member states must participate and share responsibility for asylum seekers”; and
  6. “Member states refusing to accept relocation of applicants… would face limits on their access to EU funds.”

The first amendment would mean that migrants could pick and choose their location based on the generosity of different nations’ welfare systems (as often happens now) and remove the idea that these are actually refugees fleeing danger. It ensures that economic migrants are treated the same as genuine refugees.

The third point would create what is known in the US as “chain migration.” This is entirely against the spirit of seeking Asylum and safety, and instead all but guarantees that women and children are left behind in what may be considered “war zones.”

Part four means that Jihadist fighters could register with a larger group and thus make it harder to refuse entry to those who have destroyed their identification. Two years ago, ISIS boasted that it would flood Europe with fighters under the guise of the “migrant crisis.”

Many of the nations that would be impacted by these changes have either not openly advertised the changes through the media or are keeping quiet about it. But the Hungarian firebrand leader, Viktor Orbán refuses to remain silent.

Orbán has publically stated that Europe must “resist the dark side” referring to what he calls the takeover of the EU by billionaire financier and political meddler George Soros. “Soros and his comrades want to destroy the independence and values of nation states,” he said.

In response to the proposed changes to the Dublin Regulation, he had harsher words:

“The musket is not only primed but loaded: in Europe in the future a permanent and mandatory migrant relocation quota mechanism will be established, with no upper limit on numbers: the mandatory relocation quota,” he said.

“It is true that we are waist-deep in the struggle to protect this slice of our national sovereignty, but so far we have succeeded, because until now we have been the ones who decide who can live on Hungarian territory,” Mr. Orbán said, “but the attack on our sovereignty that the European Parliament has now launched is fiercer than any previous one.”

He makes it very clear that he is the bastion against which Soros and the EU must break themselves: “While this government is in power and I am at its head, there will be no kind of relocation or quota in Hungary.”

And the Prime Minister is not alone in this. In recent weeks, Europe has seen a raft of anti-EU parties and politicians sweep away the “old guard” of Federalist EU supporters.

In the Czech Republic, Andrej Babis (the man described as the “Czech Trump”) and his ANO (Yes) Party swept to power with more than 30% of the national vote. His party will begin the talks of creating a “grand coalition” of right-leaning and anti-EU groups in order to form the next government.

In Austria, Sebastian Kurz (31-years-old) won a shocking victory that will see him form the next government. Already he has asked “rightist” parties to enter into government with him and has told the EU that it must “take a back seat.”

Europe is in the throes of demanding the EU stop its relentless push of “forced migration” and “ever closer union.” The changes to the Dublin Regulation may well be the final straw.

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