Ukrainian President Was All Set to Announce Trump-Demanded Biden Investigation on CNN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was prepared to meet President Trump’s demands and announce an investigation into the Bidens on CNN but got an assist from Republicans on Capitol Hill that allowed him to avoid doing so.

Zelensky aides concluded that it was wiser to cede to Trump’s demands and announce the investigation in hopes that Trump would stop blocking nearly $400 million in military aid that was appropriated by Congress.

Though some aides argued that the move would risk Ukraine’s bipartisan support in Washington, his staff ultimately decided that “bowing to what was demanded” was the wise move, The New York Times reported.

Zelensky was set to announce on CNN:

After negotiating the language of the announcement with Trump administration officials, the staff agreed to make the announcement.

According to Ukraine envoy Bill Taylor, Trump wanted Zelensky to announce the investigation on CNN.

Zelensky was ultimately scheduled to announce the investigation on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN show in September.

Plans fell through thanks to GOP:

The plans for Zelensky’s announcement fell through.

“Word of the freeze in military aid had leaked out, and Congress was in an uproar. Two days before the scheduled interview, the Trump administration released the assistance and Mr. Zelensky’s office quickly canceled the interview,” The Times reported.


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