Ukraine Prepares for State of Emergency Amid Massive Cyberattack

Ukraine on Wednesday announced a state of emergency and called up military reservists after Russia’s invasion of separatist-held regions, The New York Times reports.

Ukrainian officials are planning a 30-day state of emergency with special restrictions intended to keep calm and protect the economy. The state of emergency has to be approved by the country’s parliament.

These restrictions are expected to include limits on transportation, increased protection for critical infrastructure, and a ban on labor strikes. Local authorities would also decide whether to impose curfews or other measures.

"These are preventive measures to keep calm in the country, so that our economy and our country can work," Ukrainian defense official Oleksiy Danilov said. "Depending on the threats that may arise in certain territories, there will be either a more strengthened or more weakened state of emergency. We are talking about border areas where we have a border with the Russian Federation, with Belarus.”

Some lawmakers have urged the government to impose martial law.

"If necessary, this provision will be adopted immediately," Danilov said.

The country’s government and banking websites were hit with a cyberattack on Wednesday.

New sanctions:

President Joe Biden and other allies announced a slew of new sanctions targeting Russian banks and oligarchs on Tuesday.

Biden called the new sanctions on two Russian banks and Russian officials the “first tranche,” vowing to “continue to escalate sanctions if Russia escalates.”

The European Union as well as Australia, Canada, and Japan have all announced sanctions against the country.

European nations are also bracing for a surge of refugees from Ukraine.

The US has already sent 5,000 troops to Poland to assist with a possible rise in arrivals.

European migration commissioner Ylva Johansson said that EU officials are making plans for a potential surge.

“We have to be prepared if there will be a massive inflow of refugees of Ukrainians into the European Union,” she said.

Kremlin vows to fight sanctions:

The Kremlin on Wednesday vowed a “tough response” to the sanctions.

The Russian foreign ministry said that its measures would not necessarily be symmetrical but would be “well-grounded” and painful. The statement said that Russia had weathered previous rounds of sanctions.

The foreign ministry said the reliance on sanctions shows that western foreign policy is “trapped in the stereotypes of a unipolar world with a false belief that the U.S. still has the right and the ability to impose its own rules of the world order.”


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