Trump's Asia Tour A Show Of Force Against North Korea

Throughout the month of November, President Donald Trump has been visiting countries across Asia. Kicking off from Hawaii, he has visited our allies in Japan, South Korea, and China. He and the First Lady have been participating in numerous photo ops, ceremonies, and special meetings. As you can imagine, this is an opportunity for the President to connect with world leaders, discuss trade deals, and agree to major partnerships.

It’s also an opportunity for President Trump to shove America’s superiority in North Korea’s face.

Kim Jong-un is a maniac. Even the most casual observer will agree, things are pretty bad in North Korea. The people are oppressed. The government controls what they can read, see, or hear. Anything resembling civil liberties is non-existent.

For a good insight into the country, I encourage you to watch this interview:

We may not have a complete picture of the country, but take it from a man who went there himself: the people are in need of freedom.

And that’s not to mention the continued acts and rhetoric from dictator Kim Jong-un. In addition to regularly promising to wipe America off the map, his military continues to test missiles right in the face of neighbors South Korea and Japan. While it might be wishful thinking on the part of Kim that he could even touch the U.S., those two allies are too close for comfort.

It’s a very real possibility that Kim attacks one or both of those nations with his nuclear weapons, just to send a message to the U.N. and the rest of the world.

In the past, North Korea has been dismissed by most nations and the media. Their remarks were simply called “saber-rattling” and ignored. But in recent months, the nation has shown serious interest in war. They’ve continued to fire missiles toward Japan. They are moving their missile installations close to the shore. Often, they speak of capturing or destroying South Korea. The time to write North Korea off as quirky, impotent weirdos is long gone.

That’s why it’s a very good thing we have Donald Trump in office. Years of cowardly approaches have failed to reign in North Korea. The world did nothing as one of the most dangerous nations acquired nuclear capabilities. They continue to insult and threaten major nations. How can our leaders sit by and do nothing?

And that’s not even considering the dismal state of North Korean citizens.

Since taking office, President Trump has made clear statements toward North Korea. While limp-wristed, liberal journalists attack our President for sticking up for our country, North Korea views it differently. A show of strength against the rogue nation is needed to put them in their place. North Korea boasts it’s the greatest, most powerful nation in the world. The only way to squash their dreams of war is to show them that, no, no they’re not.

And what better way to do that than with an incredible show of force?

The US President is jetting into the Pacific this week for a whistle-stop tour of the nations surrounding North Korea.

Trump will be popping in for one-on-one meetings with the leaders of China, South Korea and Japan – with Kim Jong-un’s nukes right at the top of the agenda.

At his back will be  the world’s biggest military war machine – poised to strike should the crisis go south with North Korea…

Three US aircraft carriers are currently operating in the Pacific in a colossal flex of Trump’s military biceps.

USS Nimitz, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan became the first trio of carriers to operate in the region for a decade…

Each of these three warship bring with it a fully stocked wing of up to 90 warplanes and choppers.

While steaming alongside are their escorts of destroyers and submarines making up the US’s mighty carrier strike groups.

The US’s 7th Fleet has its headquarters in Japan – and brings up to 70 ships and submarines under its command, including 14 missile-packed destroyers. (Via Daily Star)

That doesn’t include the more than 100 bases spread out across Pacific islands, with 50,000 servicemen. Nor the 30,000 U.S. soldiers stationed in South Korea. And let’s not forget the 300 tanks, various armored vehicles, and artillery just across the North Korean border. And the fleet of nuclear-capable B-2 bombers not far away in Guam. President Trump literally has North Korea surrounded by an overabundance of military might.

So, you might be thinking, “Way to overcompensate, Trump!” On the contrary. This show of incredible force is needed for many reasons. First, the President of the United States, his wife, and various staff are in the region. Why wouldn’t you bring plenty of U.S. military—both for protection and as a sign of support?

Second, this is just what the North Koreans need to see. Long gone are the days where the United States ignored the trouble caused by this rogue nation. Long gone are the days where we will let a dictator make direct threats to our people and our allies (remember, Kim promised to target the U.S.’s West Coast—a specific threat to millions of Americans).

We are now living in a time where, if North Korea sneezes too loudly, we are going to respond.

A man like Kim Jong-un doesn’t respond to diplomacy. The closed nature of North Korea makes that kind of thing impossible. Sanctions from the U.N. are only ceremonial. They are like a slap on the wrist. The idea is that North Korea will change its behavior, out of a need for trade. Black markets have supplied the nation with what they have needed for years. Sanctions are mostly a joke.

The only thing that can force a dictator like Kim to change his course is a clear message. Packing the Pacific with aircraft carriers, warplanes, ships, tanks, and troops is a very clear message. It is showing North Korea, in no uncertain terms, that we have the power to wipe them out. Kim Jong-un might not change his ways. But he’ll think twice the next time he wants to shoot his mouth off.

If you had any doubt that’s what this show of force was supposed to do, here is more proof.

The US President took a tough stance during his visit to South Korea today, saying tyrant Kim Jong-un is threatening "millions" of lives.

He called on world powers, particularly China and Russia, to act with "urgency and great determination" to put more pressure on the North.

"We cannot allow North Korea to threaten all that we have built," Trump told the press conference on the first day of his visit on Kim’s doorstep.

"North Korea is a worldwide threat that requires a worldwide action.”

Trump made it clear that the US was fully prepared to wield the “full range” of America’s arsenal, but added: "We hope to God we don't have to.” (Via The Sun)

Notice Trump isn’t itching for war. He hasn’t fired a missile or sent a single soldier. He is just showing North Korea that he can if he wants to. The show of military might backs these words in a way little else can. North Korean leaders are both seeing and hearing what this President is capable of.

The only question is if counties like China and Russia will join the U.S. in confronting North Korea. Considering their track record, I very much doubt it.

But North Korea is noticing, you can be sure of that. And so are its people.

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