Sweden’s Latest Migrant Sex-Ed Course Characteristic of the Problem

If the rise in sexual assault in Sweden wasn’t so alarming and so third world, then the approach that the Swedish government has taken towards ‘solving’ the issue would qualify as pure comedy.

One can’t even say with a straight face that the government has attempted to combat the rise in violent crime – rape in particular – that has come to re-define the famous welfare state’s image as the land of wooden clogs and milk maids to the Baltic’s home of hand grenades, gang violence, and music festival rapes.

‘A survey by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention showed that 15.6 percent of people suffered one or more offences against the person (defined in the survey as assault, threats, sexual offences, robbery, fraud or harassment) last year. That’s up from 13.3 percent in 2015 and the highest number recorded since the annual Swedish Crime Survey started in 2006.’ (Bloomberg)

Swedish leadership, perhaps more unilaterally than any other EU member nation, has decided to pretend that the problems arising from mass migration and cultural pillaging simply don’t exist. The fingers-in-ears, “LA-LA-LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” response to what is undeniable, now seemingly irreparable cultural damage of their own doing has proven deafening.

‘In March, Labor Market Minister Ylva Johansson appeared on the BBC, where she claimed that the number of reported rapes and sexual harassment cases “is going down and going down and going down.” In fact, the opposite is true, which Johansson later admitted in an apology.’ (Politico)

Those willing to face reality can see that the migrant crisis and the clash of civilizations is primarily, if not exclusively, to blame for this disturbing phenomenon. Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe details interviews with male migrants from the likes of Eritrea, Afghanistan, and elsewhere who make it clear that, in their country, men can take a woman at will without fear of repercussion. Part of this arises from the sentiment in hardline Islamic nations that, if a woman shows flesh or even flashes a smile, she is granting some sort of permission.

‘When he first arrived in Europe, Abdu Osman Kelifa, a Muslim asylum seeker from the Horn of Africa, was shocked to see women in skimpy clothes drinking alcohol and kissing in public. Back home, he said, only prostitutes do that, and in locally made movies couples “only hug but never kiss.” (New York Times)

Western nations that have taken in large segments of migrants from hyper-conservative, primarily Islamic societies have grappled with how to deal with this cultural clash. If migrants assume that the entire non-Muslim society in a primarily non-Muslim nation are prostitutes, naturally you’re going to have a deficit of respect and, as we have witnessed, a drastic rise in sexual offenses.

“Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control,” Mr. Kelifa said, explaining that in his own country, Eritrea, “if someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished,” at least not by the police. (NYT)

Sadly, but not shockingly, many nations have chosen simply not to address the issue, because to do that would be racist or offensive.

‘Fearful of stigmatizing migrants as potential rapists and playing into the hands of anti-immigrant politicians, most European countries have avoided addressing the question of whether men arriving from more conservative societies might get the wrong idea once they move to places where it can seem as if anything goes.’ (NYT)

The don’t ask, don’t act approach is the tact the Swedish government took for quite some time, before it became clear that the government had to do something. When faced with a problem, the Swedish approach hasn’t been to examine and address its root cause – in this case nonexistent assimilation and suicidally lax levels of tolerance and welfare. They have launched PR campaigns trying to convince the world that, you know, it’s really not that bad in Sweden.

It’s bad, they’ll admit. But it’s not that bad.

‘the Swedish government has launched an international campaign for “the image of Sweden” playing down the rise in crime, both in its media strategy and through tax-funded PR campaigns. During a visit to the White House in March, Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven admitted that his country has problems with crime and specifically shootings, but denied the existence of no-go zones.’ (Politico)

But, it is that bad.

Perhaps most concerning is the reality of who, in Sweden, tends to fall victim to sexual assault. The statistics show that young women are the primary targets of sex assaults, with an astonishing 14% of young Swedish women stating that they have been victim of a sexual offense.

“Young women aged between 16 and 24 is the group that’s most subject to sexual offences, with 14 percent of young women stating that they were victims of at least one such crime during 2016,” the council said. “Among men in the same age group, 1.2 percent said they had been victims.” (Bloomberg)

The rape itself is heinous. The reality that young women who haven’t yet been able to establish fully-formed identities – sexual or otherwise – and remain especially fragile to the long-term mental effects of such a traumatic crime is particularly disturbing.

But never fear, the Swedish government is investing millions in programs to teach migrants what is sexually acceptable in the nation. No doubt this will solve the problem. The program is technically-minded, because even the rape-inclined know how to use an iPad. And, of course it is linguistically catered to the migrants, who you may have guessed rarely speak a lick of Swedish.

‘It is a digital platform with information on "health, sexuality and gender equality" aimed at immigrants. The website is presented in several languages: dari (spoken in Afghanistan), Tigrinian (spoken in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea), Arabic, Somali and easy Swedish and English.’ (Fria Tider)

The Youmo migrant sexual-awareness website upon which the platform will be hosted is teaming with the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MUCF) and the youth reception network (UMO), making it clear that this latest round of futile assault prevention techniques is aimed at stemming the tide of young assault victims, which are the primary victims.

The site includes infographics explaining that women probably don’t want unsolicited pictures of your penis, coaxing salacious photographs from 14-year-olds is illegal, and "to do something sexually with someone who does not want it is a sexual abuse", as it says on the site.

The disconnect between these lessons themselves – things most of us are at least generally aware of before we turn 7 – being taught to adult migrants, and the thought that “teaching” those who would engage in these behaviors will cause any change is gaping. These programs typify the problem of immigration in Europe, and Sweden specifically: instead of addressing the problem effectively, the problem is addressed compassionately, but only towards those who are perceived as potential perpetrators.

There’s no room for compassion for victims. For they are mere Swedes, and therefore must fall on the back-burner, raped and left on their own to cope.

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