Protests And Counter Protests Planned For Trump U.K. Visit

Just last week, President Trump entered into a Twitter war with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May. In what was ostensibly about his retweeting of videos posted by a far-right group, Britain First, calls began from the left-leaning U.K. parties to “ban” President Trump from attending both an official state visit and a working visit. But does this reflect the reality of the British people’s opinions? Are the Brits really anti-Trump, or is it the echo chamber of the Westminster bubble that hears and responds to its own cries?

Earlier this year, not long after President Trump’s inauguration, an online petition was started that requested signatures to ban Trump from the country in an official capacity. It stated:

“Donald Trump's well documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales. Therefore during the term of his presidency Donald Trump should not be invited to the United Kingdom for an official State Visit.”

The petition received almost 2 million signatures and as such, had to be debated by the House of Commons. The lawmakers debated the petition briefly, but did not take action.

This would make it seem that the Brits are quite anti-Trump, but a closer look at where the signatures came from is revealing. Over 5% came from the U.S., thousands more from Australia, and from Belgium, and in fact, signatures from almost every single country around the world… Including North Korea and a handful from Antarctica! This was not a “British Petition,” it was an international effort by leftists to embarrass the new president.

And still, the rhetoric continues. The British Labour Party (opposition party) is near unanimous in its condemnation of the U.S. president, but then, of course, it can be. The party is using Trump as a weapon to bludgeon the government. The ruling Conservative (Tory) Party, on the other hand, has to try and ensure stable relations with the Americans and as such use more measured language.

But what about real people? On February 26th/27th, President Trump is scheduled to visit the U.K and open the new U.S. Embassy; the left is already planning a march to show the president that he is “Not Welcome Here.” In response to this, another movement has begun.

#TrumpMarchUK is set to take place at the same time and is intended to drown out the leftist voices and support the president. If social media interest is any measure, it appears that the pro-Trump march will eclipse the anti by a huge amount.

The left-leaning organizers of the anti-Trump rally have form in this area. They are very good at social media campaigns and getting high-profile coverage in the run-up to events. Sadly for them, they rarely get a good showing. The last march garnered just several dozen people.

The pro-Trump march is being spearheaded by a diverse group including activist Tommy Robinson, LGBTQ against Islam, and a range of pro-Brexit groups and will likely see hundreds of thousands turn out in support.

Trump and Brexit are intertwined. They both represent the ideals of sovereignty and nationism. And the opposition invariably tends to be anti-Trump and anti-Brexit. The British Brexiteers see their support of Donald Trump as a continuation of a battle long-fought. For many years, to point out that you want the U.K. to leave the European Union was to be immediately met with cries of “racist” and fascist.” In fact, many Brexit supporters have had to hide their political beliefs for fear of losing their jobs (especially those in local government and education).

The persecution involved against those who want to set their nation free from globalist shackles is shocking. Just a few years ago, a couple who fostered a child whose parents were from a European nation, were found to be supportive of Brexit. The local council immediately took the child away from them. It is frankly, Orwellian.

There are some of a more suspicious nature, that feel the recent Twitter spat between the President and the PM was likely staged by the PM as an attempt to relaunch Project Fear against the British people with a view to calling a second referendum on EU membership. They suggest that Theresa May will inform the public that a trade deal will never be made with the U.S. under President Trump, and therefore, leaving the EU would be too detrimental to the British economy.

It has always been standard practice for the EU to demand another referendum “until they get the RIGHT answer.”

A quick look at the amount of action on Twitter feeds tells you all you really need to know about the level of support for Donald Trump in the U.K. He is supported by a swathe of different folk with myriad different causes behind them. They are the majority, and they welcome the president.

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