Justin Trudeau Wins Second Term as His Party Loses Majority

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won a second term Monday but his Liberal Party lost their majority in Parliament, Vox reports.

The Liberal Party won a plurality of seats, enough to keep control of government, but fell short of keeping their majority.

Trudeau came under fire in the lead-up to the election after photos surfaced of him wearing blackface. He was also found to have improperly interfered in a federal prosecution of a Quebec-based company accused of bribing Libyan officials.

Trudeau countered by attacking Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, accusing him of being too far right on social and economic issues.

“While Liberal power in Parliament is diminished, it’s still a win for the embattled prime minister,” Vox reported. “And thanks to the way that Canada’s system works, Canadian policy actually could end up being pushed to the left.”

Quebec separatists edge out NDP:

The left-leaning New Democratic Party won just 24 seats in parliament while the Quebec separatist party, the Bloc Québécois, won 32 seats. Despite only competing in Quebec, the party more than tripled its number of seats in parliament from 10.

The turnout in the election was reported at 66%.

Trudeau optimism fades:

“While Trudeau accomplished a decent amount, including marijuana legalization and a federal carbon tax, many Canadians felt disappointed by Trudeau (pointing to inaction on indigenous issues and his support for oil pipelines),” Vox reported. “His image took a particularly large hit from the two scandals: the blackface and brownface images of Trudeau that surfaced during the campaign, and Trudeau’s arguably illegal interference with a federal investigation into a large company based in politically important Quebec.”

After the election, Trudeau told supporters that voters had "rejected division and negativity... and they rejected cuts and austerity and voted in favor of a progressive agenda and strong action on climate change".

"Thank you for having faith in us to move our country in the right direction,” he said.


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