George Soros’ Home Country Launches ‘Stop Soros’ Campaign

A translated copy of a proposed legislative package put forth at a Hungarian cabinet meeting reveals just how disliked notorious billionaire George Soros is in his home nation of Hungary. Soros has been committed to stirring up tensions and betting against national economies both in the United States and abroad for decades. From ‘breaking’ the Banks of England and Thailand, to being convicted of insider trading and being particularly active in fueling the regression of American discourse and civility, Soros’ reputation as a man to be feared by heads of state is well-earned.

Hell, when Soros’ own birth nation, Hungary, launches a campaign that is openly aimed at limiting his influence with respect to promoting massive illegal migration, it’s hard to deny that the man is near-universally loathed. The man, who is Jewish himself, has admitted to 60 Minutes in the past that he was a Nazi collaborator tasked with turning in his own people during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. He also admits in the extremely-enlightening interview that he has no sense of ethics or morality when it comes to his money-making schemes, particularly those that consist of betting against national economies and doing what must be done to ensure that the bet pays off.

“I think that I’ve been blamed for everything. I am basically there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.”

That’s not actually true. Soros is aware of the social consequences of what he does, he simply chooses to ignore them in favor of making money. Even if it means going against the best interests of the nation he was born in, facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants who have proven to be a massive burden on their host nations, Soros is more than willing to do so to make a buck. He knows that the massive influx of largely young, male migrants with no cultural connection to Europe has resulted in astounding culture clash in other European nations, not to mention an unprecedented spike in the social welfare burden, and Soros wants to bring the albatross of massive migration to Hungary.

Fortunately, perhaps no nation knows the danger that George Soros poses better than Hungary, and they have been unabashed in their efforts to stifle his influence on their national demographics and economy. According to Hungarian media, the “Stop Soros Act”, as it has been referred to by Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, will begin with a three-pronged approach:

1. NGOs which participate in or support illegal immigration will be obligated to provide data to the government on their activities.

2. Affected NGOs that receive money from abroad must pay a 25% tax, collected by the National Tax and Customs administration. 

3. Foreign nationals and Hungarian activists who support mass illegal migration may be subject to a restraining order which requires they remain up to 5 miles from the border, with diplomats and UN representatives exempt. (ZH)

This act comes in the wake of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s order that Hungarian intelligence agencies investigate and report to him on activities carried out by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. The web of non-governmental organizations professes to form their policies around ethical considerations, with their mission stating that ‘the Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.’

This, coming from the man who openly stated that he does not consider the social consequences of his investments. His Open Society Foundations are the tool through which Soros aims to reap reward on his bets, catalyzing social unrest under the guise of holding governments accountable.

Enter ‘make governments accountable’ into the Soros-to-English translator and you get ‘make governments topple, rewarding George Soros and his investors, who have hedged heavily against that government’s stability.’

Hungary is just one of Soros’ many targets, but it is the target that makes most clear how ruthless Soros truly is. Despite Prime Minister Orban being a recipient of the George Soros scholarship in his younger years, he has pulled no punches in his campaign to stop Soros from forcing the insidious EU migration agenda upon the Hungarian people. Since 2014, Orban has seen the writing on the wall, vowing to make Hungary’s government in the “illiberal” mold more similar to a Russia model than a German or French one.

Prior to the European Commission’s active distribution of African and Middle Eastern migrants across the continent, Orban ordered the construction of a border fence in defiance of the EU’s mandates. Naturally, he has been accused of being Islamaphobic by a slew of European leaders, yet Orban remains the favorite in Hungary’s April elections. His anti-Soros campaign goes hand-in-hand with his vow to keep Hungary free of EU-ordered migrant policies, and it’s clear that the majority of Hungarians approve of both agendas.

Soros, in his typically bombastic manner, has compared the Hungarian campaign against his influence to Nazi propaganda, referring to it as an "anti-Soros, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic propaganda effort." Yes, this is the same George Soros who admitted to working side-by-side with Nazis as a young boy, describing it as one of the happiest times in his life.

Malaysia, England, Thailand, Ukraine, the United States, and now all Western Europe have felt the wrath that George Soros and his allies’ large-scale, malevolent social engineering agendas inflict upon a nation’s sense of peace and economic stability. Fortunately, Hungary was not deceived by the man who it birthed, further proving that a man whose own country has rejected him is not to be trusted.

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