Ex-Rebel Media Personality Faith Goldy Is Running For Mayor Of Toronto

Former Rebel Media personality, far-right commentator and "Euro-Canadian Catholic Nationalist for Christ & Country" Faith Goldy has officially entered Toronto's mayoral race.

Goldy, who became too politically toxic for even Ezra Levant to keep on staff after her appearance at last summer's infamous  "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, has stayed relatively out of the mainstream until today's announcement. 

Goldy is also known for her belief in the "White Genocide" conspiracy theory, a widely espoused view amongst white nationalist and supremacist groups that policies like mass immigration, integration, and abortion are being used in majority white countries as a process to create white minorities, ending with the removal of white people from these societies entirely. 

Naturally, Goldy's announcement has blown up on local social media, where critics were quick to respond to the news.  


With almost 94,000 Twitter followers, it's hard to deny that Goldy has a substantial audience, but given that she was stopped from performing at a simple speaking engagement earlier this year at Wilfred Laurier, one has to wonder how realistic a threat Goldy's mayoral bid really is to the city of Toronto at this point. More updates to come though, we're sure. 

Read more about Faith Goldy's views here. 

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