Chile Voters Reject New Progressive Constitution

Chilean voters on Sunday rejected a new progressive constitution backed by leftist President Gabriel Boric, CNN reports.

Voters opposed the proposed constitution by a 62-38 margin.

The 388-article document would have significantly expanded social rights, increased environmental regulation, and expanded government responsibility for social welfare programs.

The draft constitution also included full gender parity and designated seats for indigenous representatives.

The proposal was defeated in each of Chile’s provinces, including the left-leaning capital of Santiago, where voters overwhelmingly backed Boric last December.

Boric responds:

Boric conceded defeat after the vote on Sunday.

"Today the people of Chile have spoken, and they have done so loudly and clearly," Boric said. "They have given us two messages. The first one is that they love and value their democracy ... The second one is that the people of Chile was not satisfied with the proposed constitution and, therefore, has decided to reject in a clear way at the polls."

Opinions shifted on proposal:

Though voters largely backed a new constitution in 2020, polls showed that the public soured on the proposed draft.

Right-wing politicians argued it would take the country too far left and that it was too ambitious.

Boris vowed that the vote would not be an end to reform efforts.

"This decision by Chilean men and women requires our institutions and political actors to work harder, with more dialogue, with more respect and care, until we arrive at a proposal that interprets us all, that is trustworthy, that unites us as country," Boric said.


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