Boris Johnson Refuses to Resign as Dozens of British Lawmakers Quit and Call on Him to Leave

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to step down on Wednesday even as dozens of ministers and former allies resigned and called on him to do so as well, CNN reports.

At least 36 ministers and other lawmakers from Johnson’s party resigned on Wednesday, including the chancellor, health secretary and others.

The resignations came in response to Johnson’s handling of the resignation by Johnson’s former deputy whip Chris Pincher, who was accused of groping two men last week.

"At some point, we have to conclude that enough is enough," Sajid Javid, who stepped down as Health secretary on Wednesday, told Johnson in the Parliament. "I have concluded that the problem starts at the top, that is not going to change."

Allies press Johnson:

Many former allies, including senior Cabinet minister Michael Gove, called on Johnson to step down.

The calls come amid mounting scandals surrounding Johnson, including his violation of COVID restrictions and subsequent cover-up, as well as his handling of Brexit, before the sexual harassment scandal surfaced.

"The Prime Minister constantly tries to deflect from the issue, always tries to blame other people for mistakes ... (there is) nothing left for him to do other than to take responsibility and resign," Conservative MP Gary Sambrook told Parliament to applause.

Johnson survived a vote of no confidence just weeks earlier.

Johnson vows to stay on:

Johnson on Wednesday told lawmakers that “the job of a prime minister in difficult circumstances, when you’ve been handed a colossal mandate, is to keep going.”

But it appears it will be difficult for Johnson to continue on as his government abandons him.

"It's a bit like the death of Rasputin. He's been poisoned, stabbed, he's been shot, his body's been dumped in a freezing river and still he lives," former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell told BBC.  "But this is an abnormal prime minister, a brilliantly charismatic, very funny, very amusing, big, big character. But I'm afraid he has neither the character nor the temperament to be our prime minister."


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