Chemical Weapons In Douma: What We Know So Far

Though we don't have conclusive evidence, on the ground reporting and inconsistencies in the Russian and Syrian response lend credibility to purported chemical attacks. 

If Bolton Gets His Way, The White House Is About To Get A Lot More Hawkish

Bolton's stance on Syria over alleged chemical weapons is deeply reminiscent of the lead up to the Iraq war, something he continues to stand behind today. His presence signals Syria may not be the only conflict of the Trump presidency. 

The Congo Doesn't Just Need Money, It Needs A Change In Leadership

The recent pledge of money from UN nations is certainly helpful, but the Congo will remain unable to address root causes of conflict as long as President Joseph Kabila is in power. 

Questions From A Bevy Of Sources Plague Syria Narrative

If you are inclined to believe Western, Christian journalists risking their lives to report first hand from a war-ravaged, terror-riddled Islamic hotbed, then it’s in question whether the chemical attack even occurred at all.

Trudeau Needs To Get Off The Fence On Trans Mountain Pipeline

The infighting between the NDP governments of Alberta and British Columbia has reached childish levels - Trudeau needs to take decisive action. 

Airstrike In Syria Escalates Tensions Between Israel And Iran

With a serious intervention into Syria on the horizon, the stage is set for significant moves to be taken against Iran’s buildup of forces. 

Stabbings On Rise In London, So Khan Takes Away Knives

It’s the nanny state gone fully mental, protecting Boy Scouts, sous chefs, and carpenters from themselves. You’re welcome. Sincerely, Sadiq.

New U.S. Treasury Dept. Sanctions Reportedly Hitting Russia Hard

Though many have questioned the impact of sanctions on Russia, there's no denying the recent market slump and the biggest fall for the ruble in more than 3 years. 

S. Korea Under Fire For “Killer Robots”, But This Was Inevitable

Those protesting autonomous military weapons appear to be out of touch with the unceasing history of military innovation.

Trump Isn't Wrong About China And Trade, But His Methods Won't Work

This attempt to drive a hard bargain is ham-fisted and won't yield the change to trade with China that Trump promised his supporters.