North Korea Once Again Shows Contempt For The Entire World

Quite what North Korea is planning next is unknown, but Kim has the world’s attention, what he does with it should be of concern to all nations.

Trump Hardens Stance On Travel Ban After London Train Attack

It is critical for America to learn from what is happening in London and other parts of the world so that we are not also victims of future terrorism.

Why The Establishment Attack Britain's 'Great Repeal' Bill

The British establishment is using fear of sweeping legislative powers to discredit Brexiteers; but that's far from the case. This would put power back in the hands of British citizens. 

US Talks Tough On Iran Nuclear Compliance

Nuclear deal or no nuclear deal, the United States has options to tighten the screws on Iran and its allies if need be.     

Housing And Job Discrimination Claims Take Aim At Brexiteers

Organizations like the3million and the UK Labour Party believe they have collected evidence of rampant anti-EU discrimination- but there's more to the story. 

North Korea Threatens To Use EMP On The U.S.

As the United States, and much of the world, bears down on North Korea, they can do one of two things: Wise up and relent, or lash out like a cornered dog.

NAFTA Talks Off To A Contentious Start

Even his critics admit that negotiation is one of the President’s greatest strengths, and this is the first opportunity for him to flex his muscles.

The ISIS Capital Of Raqqa Is Surrounded

Kurdish commander Nowruz Ahmed told Reuters that the fight to eradicate ISIS from Raqqa will be over in approximately two months. 

Teachers Bid To Remove John A. Macdonald's Name From Schools

It is undeniably unfair to paint a picture of Macdonald which revolves primarily around the Indian Act, a minor aspect of the man’s overwhelmingly positive legacy.

Iceland’s Down Syndrome ‘Solution’ is Disturbing

They have eliminated a whole category of children, ones who cannot help but wipe a huge grin off their faces. For that, Iceland should be ashamed.