The Truth About Oil Zealots: Hypocritical, Jobless, Violent

In this version of environmentalism gone mad, there is always some justification for threatening life and property in the name of activism. 

Erdogan Targets Cartoonists In Latest Oppositional Purge

Once one of the most secular nations in the region, Erdogan is moving Turkey away from the West and closer to dictatorship based around fundamentalist Islam. 

The Many Conflicts Of Africa: No End In Sight

The recent allegations of election-rigging in Kenya have brought the continent back into the global eye.

BC Gov. Says Thousands Of Oil Jobs 'Not In Their Interest'

Environment Minister George Heyman doesn't seem to think that a growing economy is worth the price of oil.  

Trump: North Korea 'Will Be Met With Fire And Fury'

As North Korea's nuclear ambitions become ever more ambitious, new sanctions just the beginning of signs that appeasement of the Kim regime is over. 

Politicians Among Latest Victims In Duterte's Drug War

A late-night raid in the southern Philippines resulted in the deaths of 15 people, including the mayor of Ozamiz City after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s accused the mayor of drug crimes.

Alleged Cover Up In Toronto Police Beating Of Black Teen

It’s not just Americans that are having trust issues with their police. Dafonte Miller was not only allegedly assaulted by police, it also appears they tried to cover it up.

Irony: Trump 'Islamophobe,' Loved in the Middle East

For too long our country's leaders have pretended that we know better than our Middle Eastern allies what is best for them. 

It's Time To Admit Trump Has No Real Foreign Policy Plan

Trump’s overvaluation of gut instinct above all else does not make him a clever outsider — it makes him reckless, foolhardy and easily outmaneuvered in geopolitical affairs.

How Maduro Is Turning Venezuela Into A Dictatorship

Five months into Maduro’s presidency, a series of events unfolded that have led up to the current crisis we are seeing unfold today. Here’s how it happened.