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Jeremy Corbin to Step Down as Labour Leader After Boris Johnson’s Conservatives Win in Landslide

Johnson said the vote means that Brexit will undoubtedly happen by January 31.

Fugitive Ex-Ukrainian Lawmaker Who Claimed to Have Biden Dirt Arrested on Corruption Allegations

The lawmaker claimed Hunter Biden was an "insurance" policy and that Burisma paid Hillary Clinton "big bags of cash."

Trump Leaves NATO Summit Early After Video Shows World Leaders Laughing at Him

Trump called Trudeau "two-faced" and canceled his press conference.

Indicted Giuliani Pal Flips, Says Rudy Ordered Him to Threaten Ukraine Aid to Force Biden Probe

Lev Parnas flips on Trump and Giuliani after he was upset by Trump denying that he knew him.

Right-Wing Brazilian Journalist Physically Attacks Reporter Glenn Greenwald During Live Broadcast

A right-wing journalist and ally of President Jair Bolsonaro accused Greenwald of being a bad parent and assaulted him live on the air.

Ukrainian President Was All Set to Announce Trump-Demanded Biden Investigation on CNN

Zelensky was set to announce Biden probe on CNN, but got bailed out by Republicans.

Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor Who Discussed Bidens With Rudy Giuliani

The prosecutor was fired as part of a purge by a new chief prosecutor trying to clean up the office amid corruption.

Russia Reaches Deal With Turkey to Kick Kurds Out of Northern Syria After US Withdrawal

Trump declares "success" even as his envoy to Syria testifies that Turkish troops are committing war crimes.

Justin Trudeau Wins Second Term as His Party Loses Majority

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party won enough parliamentary seats to form government but lost seats overall.

NBA Commissioner Says China Asked for Daryl Morey’s Firing, Has Cost NBA ‘Dramatic’ Sum of Money

Silver says he won't punish Morey despite scandal costing the NBA a "dramatic" amount of money.


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