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Russians Hack Ukrainian Company at the Center of Trump’s Biden Conspiracy Theories

The hacks are "strikingly similar" to the Russian cyberattacks launched against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Trump Approved Killing Soleimani in June, Calling Administration’s “Imminent” Attack Claim Into Question

Trump claimed the killing was intended to stop an imminent attack, but he approved strike seven months earlier.

Ukraine Investigates Potential Missile Strike Behind Plane That Crashed in Iran

The plane caught fire before it crashed and never sent a distress signal, according to reports.

Misleading Clinton Clip Circulates Drawing False Equivalence With Trump on Iran

Clinton's threat to "obliterate" Iran came in response to the country potentially launching a nuclear strike against Israel.

Trump Says Iran “Appears to Be Standing Down,” Responds to Missile Attack With Sanctions Threat

Trump says no American or Iraqi casualties after Iran's missile attack.

Pentagon Accidentally Sent Letter to Iraqi Military Suggesting Troop Withdrawal

The Pentagon said the letter was an "honest mistake" and should not have been released.

Trump Orders Assassination of Second Most Powerful Iranian Official Without Telling Congress

Trump's strike threatens to plunge the US into war with Iran.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Asks Parliament for Immunity From Corruption Charges

The move could delay the case against him until after the election, Israel's third in less than a year.

Kim Jong Un Threatens to Restart Nuclear and Long-Range Missile Tests

Kim says Trump broke his promises by continuing to arm South Korea.

Nearly 5,000 Troops Expected to Deploy to Baghdad After Protesters Swarm Embassy

Nearly 5,000 troops will deploy after protesters swarm embassy amid rising hostilities with Iran.