Hunter Biden Steps Down From Board of Chinese Company at the Center of Trump’s Conspiracy Theory

Hunter Biden says he did nothing wrong but has resigned from a Ukrainian firm and will step down from a Chinese firm amid scrutiny.

ISIS Prisoners Escape as US Allies Slaughtered in Syria After Trump Gives Turkey the Green Light

Trump vowed to eliminate ISIS. He just allowed them to resurge, his former defense secretary says.

Justice For Xinjiang: US Blacklist Chinese Companies For Links To Muslim Detainment Camps

The Trump administration issued a blacklist against 28 Chinese organizations with links to the government’s human rights violations against the Muslim population of Xinjiang. 

NBA Won’t Let Players Speak to Reporters While in China

The NBA canceled all media availability after pressure from the Chinese government.

Turkey Threatens to Release Millions of Refugees Into Europe If They Criticize Syria Invasion

Erdogan threatens to let 3.6 million refugees into Europe if they call his invasion an "invasion."

Trump, In His ‘Unmatched Wisdom,’ Threatens to ‘Obliterate’ Turkey’s Economy After GOP Backlash

Republicans are furious after Trump betrayed Kurdish allies and left them to "die" at the hands of Turkish forces.

‘Disgusting’: NBA Ripped for Apologizing to China for Rockets GM’s Tweet Backing Hong Kong Protests

The NBA gets slammed for both sides for "kowtowing" to China over tweet backing Hong Kong protesters.

Ex-Ukrainian President, Prosecutor Debunk Trump Conspiracy: Biden Never Asked to Close Cases

Former Ukrainian leaders say there was no pressure to close probe, and Hunter Biden never did anything illegal.

UK Supreme Court Rules That Boris Johnson’s Suspension of Parliament Was Unlawful

The high court ruled that Johnson unlawfully shut down Parliament and ordered it to resume.

Trump and Giuliani’s Biden Conspiracy Theory Was Debunked Months Before Ukrainian President Call

Trump and Rudy claim Biden forced out prosecutor investigating son's company. Except, he wasn't investigating it after all.


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