290 Killed, More Than 500 Wounded in Easter Sunday Attacks on Churches, Hotels in Sri Lanka

Officials blamed a little-known radical Islamist group but said a larger terrorist network was involved.

Study Shows Finland’s UBI Experiment Has Potential Success

Once considered a fringe idea, the growing wealth of new data surrounding Universal Basic Income has shown some promising signs. 

Mueller Report: Julian Assange Smeared Seth Rich as Possible DNC Hacker to Cover for Russia

Mueller report reveals Assange lied about his contacts with Russian intelligence and pushed for Trump to win.

Trump Vetoes Bipartisan Measure to End US Support for Saudi-Led War in Yemen

Trump vetoed the resolution for the second time this year despite bipartisan support.

New Zealand Charges 6 People With Reposting Video of Christchurch Massacre Online

The six people charged with redistributing the horrific video face up to 14 years in prison.

Julian Assange Expelled From Embassy and Arrested; Faces Extradition to US

Assange faces hacking charges in the United States. Prosecutors say he conspired with Chelsea Manning to hack into a government computer.

Julian Assange to Be Expelled From Ecuadorian Embassy Within ‘Hours to Days’: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks says Assange could be ousted from the embassy as Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno comes under corruption probe back home.

Brunei Enacts Strict Islamic Laws to Stone People to Death for Gay Sex and Adultery

The tiny oil-rich nation enacted Sharia Law nationally in 2014 and will enact new draconian laws against homosexuality and adultery this week.

2020 Democrats Are Staying Away From AIPAC Conference Headlined by Israeli PM

2020 Dems are skipping AIPAC conference after Israel's indicted PM allies himself with racist far-right party and condemns Arab Israeli citizens.

New Zealand Bans All Assault Rifles Just Days After Deadly Christchurch Mosque Shootings

US lawmakers questioned why New Zealand took decisive action within days while Congress relies exclusively on "thoughts and prayers."