Bernie Sanders: If Israel Bans US Lawmakers They Should Give Up ‘Billions of Dollars We Give to Israel’

Sanders wants to "leverage" US aid to Israel if he's elected president.

Benjamin Netanyahu Tries to Block Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib From Israel Trip After Trump Pressure

Netanyahu changed mind on Omar and Tlaib after pressure from Trump, but now he's getting backlash from all sides.

New UN Climate Report: Climate Change Threatens Global Food Supply

UN report urges better farming practices and less red meat in our diet to reduce carbon emissions.

Trump Imposes New Sanctions on Russia Over Chemical Attack in the UK

Congress and European officials expected the sanctions last year but Trump stalled for months.

Osama bin Laden’s Son and Heir Killed in US-Backed Strike, US Officials Say

US officials told The New York Times Hamza bin Laden was killed in the last two years.

Trump Friend Pushed for Saudi Nuclear Deal While Trying to Land Job in Administration

Tom Barrack is under scrutiny over his dealings with the Saudis and UAE.

Fewer Than 100,000 People Just Made Wildly Unpopular Boris Johnson New Prime Minister

Johnson won a party vote to take over for Theresa May, prompting cabinet ministers to resign in opposition to his "no-deal" Brexit plan.

So Much for Solidarity: Muslim Countries Defend China’s Forced Detention of 2 Million Muslims

More than a dozen Muslim-majority countries defended China after Western countries condemned their detention of Muslims to the United Nations.

UK Ambassador to US Resigns After Calling Trump ‘Inept’ in Leaked Memos

Trump tweeted that the US would no longer deal with Kim Darroch after he criticized Trump in leaked cables.

New Study: Trump’s Anti-Abortion Global Gag Rule Causes Abortions to Spike by 40%

The global gag rule, which is aimed at reducing abortion overseas, caused abortion to increase.


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