Iran Denies Role in Salman Rushdie Stabbing But Justifies The Attack

Rushdie's attacker was charged with second-degree attempted murder.

Ukraine Destroys Nine Russian War Planes in Apparent Strike on Air Base in Crimea

Ukraine did not officially claim responsibility for the strike.

China Sanctions Nancy Pelosi and Cuts Off US Talks Over Taiwan Visit

"China has decided to impose sanctions on Pelosi and her immediate family," the foreign ministry said.

China Fires Missiles Near Taiwan in Drills After Nancy Pelosi’s Visit

Some of the missiles also landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone.

Nancy Pelosi Lands in Taiwan Despite Threats from China

"America's solidarity with the 23 million people of Taiwan is more important today than ever," Pelosi said.

Russia Quitting International Space Station — And Plans to Build Its Own

It's unclear if the project can continue without Russia's involvement.

“Turning Point”: Ukraine Launches Ambitious Counteroffensive to Recapture Kherson

Ukraine vowed to recapture the city by September.

European Union Calls on Countries to Ration Natural Gas Amid Russian Pressure

The EU urged member states to voluntarily reduce natural gas use by 15%.

Conservatives Are Already Jockeying to Replace Boris Johnson

List of candidates to replace Johnson could swell to double-digits.

GOP Working With Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s Government to Kill Biden’s Corporate Tax Deal

“We are constantly consulting with the Republicans," Hungarian foreign minister says.

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