Disney Scrubs Simpsons Episode in Hong Kong Over Tiananmen Square Joke

Disney's move fuels censorship fears.

Experts Warn of “Real Possibility” That Russia Will Invade Ukraine This Winter

Ukraine and Russia experts warn of potential invasion by February.

Biden Administration to Announce Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics: Report

White House won't call for athlete boycott but won't send any government officials over China's human rights abuses.

Biden Administration Will Allow Private Citizens to Sponsor Afghan Refugees

Private citizens will be allowed to form "sponsor circles" to provide basic services for new arrivals.

United States Cuts Off Aid to Sudan After Military Coup

"Our entire relationship with this entity in Sudan will be evaluated," the State Department said.

Bitcoin Falls After China Bans All Cryptocurrency Transactions

Bitcoin fell over 7% after the announcement.

Biden Administration Ramps Up Deportations of Haitian Migrants Who Crossed Southern Border

More than 14,000 Haitian migrants are camping under a Texas bridge as they await processing.

Final US Drone Strike Killed Aid Worker and His Family, Not ISIS Bomber That Military Claimed: Report

The drone strike killed 10 civilians, including seven children.

Global Officials Fear Bolsonaro Setting Stage for Coup As Thousands of Supporters Descend on Capital

Over 150 lawmakers and former officials raise fears of "coup" aimed at Congress similar to the January 6 US Capitol riot.

Biden Defends Afghanistan Withdrawal, Vows to Evacuate Remaining Americans

"For those remaining Americans, there is no deadline," Biden vowed.

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