Why Don't We Hear More About Violence Against Indian Journalists?

India's rapid growth and economic achievements in the last decade have tended to overshadow some of the systemic problems in the country.  

How Jihadists Exploit Local Markets to Fund Their Wars

Though ISIS has steadily lost key territory responsible for oil and gas profits it has found ways to continue to exploit local markets. 

Beijing Using Thuggish Gangs To Undermine Hong Kong And Taiwan

Tactics once used by Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist government against communists are now being used to undermine freedom in China's semi-autonomous regions. 

Paris Accord Nations Aren’t Even Close to their Targets

Who is going to be that millionaire that switches to 100% renewable energy sources for their homes? Or gives up their private planes and runs their yacht using only solar power?

Shanghai Cooperation Conference Shows The Disunity Of The West

The SCO get-together served as an opportunity for members to vent their grievances against the US and lambast the West. 

Ronaldo Bags World Cup Hat Trick, Has Jail (Theoretically) to Look Forward To

The case of Cristiano Ronaldo proves once again that money can solve virtually anything.a

Legalized Calls to Prayer in Sweden Eschew Precedent, Embrace Hypocrisy

A poll published in March found that 60% of 1,00 Swedes polled opposed public calls to prayer. Many also believe that not only the noise, but the content of the prayer, should be considered as part of the reason for striking down the practice.

Indian WhatsApp Murders Expose the Dark Side of Humanity’s Goodness

The psychology of rumor-spreading makes it even more likely that this fear – children being kidnapped and potentially raped and murdered – will precipitate more mob-led killings.

Historic Meeting of U.S. President and North Korean Leader Begins

The world watched as President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un were about to begin their much-anticipated summit in Singapore.

Women Can Drive In Saudi, But Most Inequality Persists In The Country

Saudi Arabia has begun issuing driver's licenses to women, but the monarchy continues to imprison women's rights activists and oppress minorities.