Russia, Iran, and China’s Undeniable Role in VZ’s Demise

Though Cuba also stands to bear massive blame for Venezuela's current state, three world powers which often stay mum on their investment in the Maduro government cannot shirk immense responsibility.

With Zuma Out, Many Hope South Africa Will Focus On Human Rights

Almost immediately following Zuma’s resignation, Amnesty International South Africa urged the new leadership to make human rights a priority.

Pyeongchang: Our Media Is Actually Praising Kim Yo-jong

This is how desperate the media has become. They are sticking up for a country that opposes free speech, freedom of religion, free press, capitalism, and personal liberty.

Russian And U.S. Forces Reportedly Clash In Syria

Both the U.S. and Russia have remained understandably secretive about recent incidents, likely in an attempt to avoid military escalation.

So Much for Leaving: Russia Takes Over Syria’s Oil, Gas

We now know why Russia is in Syria: oil. But the conflict with America over the war-torn nation's future has only begun.

Turkey’s Bully President Picks a Fight with America

Turkey's president has subjugated his own people, his neighbors, and the world's diplomats. But does he really want to pick a fight with the biggest bully of all?

10 Dead In Militant Attack On Indian Army Base

The attack was likely a retaliation for India's ongoing campaign against Muslim separatists in Kashmir. 

'Olympic Athletes From Russia' Reeks Of Toothless Punishment

The farce at this Olympics proves what the international community already knows: there are no consequences for Russia.

6 Killed In Israeli Air Strike In Syria

The IDF attack in Syria was reportedly retaliation for an earlier Iranian drone intrusion into Israeli airspace. The strike comes amidst Israel's growing concerns about the security of its northern border. 

Egypt's Presidential Race Is A Political Farce

Candidate after candidate has been disqualified or stepped down, and the only challenger to Sisi's re-election is arguably one of his biggest supporters. 


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