The Truth About The Trump Protests

Remember when everyone was worried about Trump contesting the election results? Now the exact opposite seems to be happening. 

I'll admit it, I was among those who initially took Trump at his word and was concerned about what a seriously contested election would look like in America. No, not because I hated Trump, but because a lack of faith in the electoral process undermines our ability to have democratic elections.

Now there are a lot of perfectly good reasons to protest- not liking the outcome of a democratic election is not one of them. And while I would never take the right to protest away from anyone, I think it's worth pointing out to these protesters that this will not accomplish anything. In fact, it would be extremely disturbing if it did. Whether you think these are paid protesters or not (I'm currently skeptical about both the fake and the real protest arguments), the idea that any protest could/should be able to change the outcome of a fair democratic election is one that should frighten everybody.