The Terrorists Have Won: Donald Trump Is President

Damn. What an eloquently worded smack-down. 

There's a lot of ideas packed into this diatribe, but perhaps the hardest pill to swallow of the bunch is the thought that the extremely divisive political attitudes that voters have for one another in America are a direct by-product of 9/11. 

While I don't buy this idea wholly, I think it is important to acknowledge that an ongoing climate of fear has often provided fertile grounds for the types of political implosions that hindsight is rarely kind to. 

That brings me to the point at hand- nothing has actually happened yet. The country is still fine, objectively speaking, and probably will be if everyone can find it in themselves to just calm the fuck down for a couple of seconds.

I don't disagree with everything negative that's being said about Trump here- I just think that we've heard it all before. So instead of continuing to have the same argument about an election that's already over, maybe we should start having a conversation about how half of the country is on an entirely different page than the other. Maybe then we wouldn't have a reason to be afraid of each other.