Racist Costumes- The All Important Social Justice Battleground

Ahh, Halloween. The one-day outrage machine that keeps on giving.

If you doubt for a second just how seriously some people take this, check out what happened at Yale last year. This is supposed to be an ivy-league school, people. Whether you give a shit about that or not, it still should serve as a reminder that no matter how educated people are, they can still fall victim to groupthink and thought-policing rhetoric.

While I'm not sure that Warski's argument is as strong as his outrage, he does make a couple of good points. These are COSTUMES. For children, no less. 

Arguments like this undermine every REAL problem that REAL activists and REAL liberals are trying to address in the world. Offensive make believe (in which most of the participants are too young to harbor the stereotypes these costumes are being accused of spreading) does not seem like a battleground of any meaningful value for anyone with a fully developed brain. 

The fact is that the motives behind Halloween costumes should be fairly obvious- fun and candy. This doesn't have to be difficult.