Michael Moore: "So Many People Were Just In Their Bubble"

"Too many people were doing the end zone dance at the fifty-yard line."

That is the general sentiment of Michael Moore's feelings about the lack of Democrat voter turnout in the Presidential election. Although both candidates appear to have received fewer total votes than their counterparts in 2012, the support was really lacking for the Democrats. 

According to Moore, Democrats were under the assumption that this was going to be a sure-thing too early on, and the echo chambers of polling data and media served to undercut any sense of urgency to vote on behalf of Hillary Clinton. 

Although I think there's more to the story than that (the Democrats clearly also lost support that they used to have in key swing states), it's clear that there was a lack of voter turn-out that clearly could have radically altered the outcome of the election. It's still speculation, though, as there's no reliable way to determine the impact of ballots that were never cast.