Market Panic Looks Overblown- At Least For The Moment

Even though the numbers were perceived as a little but frightening on the DOW Jones last night, it appears as if this was more a temporary shock than an all-out panic. 

Yes, I get it, this particular report is from Fox News- and they were bound to say that a market turn in either direction was a good thing for America, providing any Republican on the face of the earth was elected to office. But even taken with the mandatory spoonful of salt, things aren't looking as doom and gloom as when the falling market reports started to eek out last night mid-election. In fact, other news outlets have also come out saying that despite some leftover volatility in the market, a good amount of ground is being made back. Even the Mexican Peso is clawing its way back up.

A lot of comparisons to the post-Brexit market drop have been made so far, although it's worth pointing out that those markets have recovered some since- not to mention the fact that a lot of Trump's tough talk on trade deals may lack the permanence of a Brexit-like vote. For the moment though it looks as if we'll just have to keep watching the markets for signs of how investors feel about the new regime change in the oval office.