Jon Stewart And Bill O'Reilly: The War On Christmas

For all the accusations of oversensitivity among liberals, this seems to be a pretty easy button to push with conservative folks. 

I understand, saying Merry Christmas really hurts nobody. The religious connotations are even pretty arguable at this point. Stewart does have a point though- New Years follows Christmas by a week, and has a pretty strong cultural claim to celebration in its own right, yet no one seems that eager to acknowledge it outside of a week gap in between the two holidays. People treat "Happy Holidays" like the expressional equivalent of "Fuck Christmas," wherein the perpetrator has somehow copped to their anti-Christmas agenda- full blown Grinch-style. 

My point is that if your enjoyment of the holidays is predicated upon being the recipient of your preferred season's greeting, maybe you need to reevaluate some things.