Gavin McInnes: Self-Parody And Straw Man Arguments

Ah, Straw Man arguments. Looking for a quick and convenient way to ridicule your opponent's arguments, while simultaneously making them look cartoonishly naive and laughably uninformed? Look no further. 

I get what McInnes is saying here, and quite frankly these kinds of arguments bother me too- in the context of an actual discourse. I'm not sure that Maher's talking points constitute anything of the sort. It's not clear that he was trying to do anything other than perform a sort of comedy routine. 

Yes, Maher is clearly playing to extremes, but the anti-PC message is one that McInnes himself espouses regularly on his own program. Maher might be pandering to an audience, but then again, so is McInnes. Here's the whole clip of the Maher rant, which has more to offer than the 10 seconds or so that McInnes used.