Gavin McInnes: Political Correctness Ruined Star Wars

Holy crap, Gavin's getting upset. 

Here's Gavin's argument- can we at least keep the PC agenda out of our entertainment?

I have to think the original push for diversity in entertainment came from the observation that there was an enormous disparity of representation between white men in media and basically everyone else. I say white men, because according to something called the Bechdel test, though women are frequently portrayed in movies, they are rarely portrayed as lead characters. Even more rarely are there two female lead characters in the same movie, and more rarely still is there a situation in which those two female characters don't discuss a male character. Make of this information what you will.

However, to say that the media industry today has shifted in our access to alternative methods of both production and consumption is to make an insane understatement. This means that now more than ever, content can be created where diversity actually serves the narrative of the content being produced, rather than trying to forcibly inject diversity into situations where it was never intended.

Interestingly, though, I actually think Star Wars is a bad example of this. It's a global brand, being produced by the family entertainment capital of the world, Disney no less. Inclusivity might just be a Disney mandate to sell more tickets rather than a cultural pressure thing. Also, it's clear to anyone that spends more than a couple seconds on a Star Wars fan fiction site that this shit is being written and consumed by both men and women. Sorry Gavin... Don't wholly disagree with the point, but it's a bad example. 

One last point- it seems strange that in a series about interplanetary warfare, where there is no shortage of entirely different species, technology, and laws of physics, that your ability to suspend your disbelief as a viewer would hinge on the race or sex of the human main character. Maybe that's just me though.