Finally, We Have Broken The Mall Santa Color Barrier

We'll know that we've reached the true benchmark of equality in society when Santa can be played by someone of any nationality- oh wait no we won't.

I'll be honest, I find it hard to make myself care about either side of this debate. On the one hand, yeah Santa's white- this should not be a point of contention for anyone. If you can somehow argue that the spending power of mall Santas have become a key factor in the growth rate of our burgeoning economy, then maybe I'd give a shit. But you can't, so I don't. If you despise the absurdity of that argument, consider this: isn't it far more absurd to insist that having non-white, non-male Santas is of any social or cultural significance whatsoever?

Show me the black, female, lesbian who looks at a black mall Santa and thinks "thank the lord, finally the Santa-barrier has been broken." Mall Santas are not wishing for a Jackie Robinson. More than likely, they are wishing for a better fucking job.