Don't Call Me Babe

Frankly, I find it hard to come away from this video without feeling ridiculous. 

There are some good points here, don't get me wrong, but both sides of this seem to be arguing about completely DIFFERENT things. 

On the one hand- yeah, calling someone "babe" in the workplace is just unprofessional. No one should need to do it, and I think it probably does disproportionately happen to women when it does happen. I'm not sure that anyone worth listening to is actually on the other side of that argument, though.

On the other hand, the notion that pet names are being used so rampantly in public to the point where random strangers are shouting them out windows at passers-by seems ridiculous too. I'm not sure I've used a pet name in my life outside of close relationships, and even then, minimally at that.

Which brings me to my main point- why the fuck would you need to call anyone "babe" or "honey" who you weren't intimately involved with in some way? It seems to me that you should probably know where you stand with people in these kinds of relationships, and what their preferences are, anyway.