Clinton Delivers Concession Speech

Although many were quick to grab the torches and pitchforks last night after Campaign Manager John Podesta announced that Hillary Clinton would not be speaking at her Election HQ, the early conspiracies were quickly put to bed when Clinton made her public concession speech earlier today. Clinton touched on a number of topics in her speech, from divisions in the country, to her future hopes of women holding the office of President in America.

Clinton told her supporters to approach Donald Trump "with an open mind," and urged them to "allow him the chance to lead," something that really shouldn't come as a surprise considering the expectation of post-election cooperation on the part of the candidates. Still, this has been such a weird and volatile election cycle that even the most meager expressions of civility shown by Clinton and Trump towards eachother just feels weirdly insincere for the moment.

This new-found cooperative attitude is going to take some getting used to from both sides...