The Passion of the President: On the Legacy of Barack Obama

Apart from the fact that it is inaccurate, it is too trite to say that the Obama presidency allowed a Trump presidency to happen.

Was Tillerson the Worst CEO in History Or Just Lying Under Oath?

Wednesday’s Senate confirmation hearing for Rex Tillerson was like watching the newest season of a soap opera. I almost broke out some popcorn.

2016: The Year Persecution Grew On A Global Scale

If we don't protect our religious liberties and raise awareness about the injustices happening around the world, then even our rights will be at stake.

Anti-Vaccine Activist to Lead Immunization Safety Committee

I can only imagine the losses that will be felt by families who lose children to vaccine-preventable diseases.

Jobs on the Horizon: Are We Seeing The Trump Effect?

If Trump is successful in every area he promised- from reforming healthcare to fixing inner city education- then even his detractors will benefit from his leadership.

GTFO: Trump Transition Team Offers No Exceptions to Ambassadors

This is something small in the grand scheme of things- so until Trump appoints one of his associates to the position, keep the current Obama friends in place to properly handle diplomatic issues.

Fake News: It's Time to Fight Back Against Despicable Behavior

As citizens and readers, we cannot allow this kind of despicable behavior to continue.

Your Mom's Gotten Into The Wine Again: Meryl's Embarrassment

When you abuse your position to spread lies and a political agenda, you're only proving how much we don't need you.

Many Hate Obamacare But Remain Nervous About A Full Repeal

The GOP knows they want to get rid of Obamacare, but what’s going to fill its spot once it’s gone?

We Are Still Failing to Prepare and Care for Veterans

By now, we have all heard some of the emerging details regarding the arrest of Esteban Santiago, the former member of the National Guard who was the center of the shooting rampage at the Fort Lauderdale International airport last week.

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