Building the Wall: Looking at the Facts

You may think it is not compassionate or violates our relationship with Mexico, but it's the very thing that has to be done.

Kushner's Role In the White House Might Plant The Seeds Of Dynasty

In an ironic twist, it may turn out that President Trump will be more of a dynasty-builder than Bill and Hillary could ever hope to be.

The Overblown Noise Around Trump Cabinet Picks: Two Case Studies

Since they couldn’t prevent the man from getting elected, it seems that Trump’s critics are now pursuing a new target- his cabinet picks.

Trump's Gag Order Works to Deny Climate Change and Criticisms

Climate change is not a hoax, President Trump.

Liberals Are Sheep: The Real Power Behind Democrats

It's clear that the biggest and loudest claims from the left are simply fronts for some of the most evil groups and people in history.

Lawsuits Over Trump's Business Empire May Rein Him In

Media scolding may not fully hold Trump’s feet to the fire, but the threat of costly and time-consuming legal defenses could do the trick.

Oscar Nominations Are in, but Does It Really Matter?

We are quite possibly living in a post-Hollywood world.

Trump's Hiring Freeze Will Hurt The Economy, And Maybe His Legacy

Exempting the military from the hiring freeze hurts Trump’s ability to portray the freeze as a strict cost-cutting measure.

Madonna and Hillary: A Tale of Two Hypocrites

It's fitting, considering Madonna's unflinching and bizarre commitment to Hillary during the election.

First Weekend: The Trump Administration Thus Far

Alternative facts may very well be the entire basis the Trump administration is run on.

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