Gorsuch Is The Perfect Replacement For Justice Scalia

Neil Gorsuch is qualified, measured in his approach, and is above political influence as much as a justice can prove to be.

Social Justice Warriors Want You Fat and Ugly

It's remarkable how liberals want others to shoulder responsibility for society's problems, yet they are mysteriously unwilling to include themselves.

The "Irish Slave Memes" Are A Historical Distortion

Irish slave memes are used to promote a narrative that contemporary black Americans are somehow exploiting the system by being justifiably upset about slavery and the terrible legacy it has left in America.

How Can I Reach the Other Tomi Lahrens in the World?

Lahren and her conservatives constantly attack ‘liberal snowflakes,' yet with one contradictory statement, they’ll start shouting to the gods above.

Comey Says No Evidence For Trump Wiretap Claims

Given his refusal to play nice with either the Clinton camp before the election, or the Trump camp after the inauguration, Comey may have shown himself to be a very rare thing: An honest man.

Bizarrely, In Defense Of Snoop Dogg

This is satire, Mr. President. If you saw this and thought it was serious, I question your relationship to reality.

Secret Police and the Death of Free Speech

We need to stay alert to the attempts at undermining our freedoms, be they of speech, religion, press, or any other.

Trump's Budget Cuts Should Take A Lesson From History

Budget cuts envisioned by Donald Trump would return the United States to where we were in 1928: A reactive federal government largely confined to military affairs.

Why I Am Still A Believer In Pro-Choice

Abortion is topic rife with strong convictions- one that is worthy of much more discussion than the “pro-...

Planned Death: The Moral Bankruptcy of Pro-Choice

Pro-choice supporters have been fighting to protect an evil practice for so long, they can no longer distinguish right from wrong.

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