Is Pepsi Trying To Cash In On Black Lives Matter?

Corporations, please don't try to convince us of your political convictions if you're not going to bother to take the time to think it through first, and critics, try to have a sense of proportion.

Does Diversity Sell? Not If You Force It

When political agendas don't work, companies need to wake up and realize that having a product that resonates with people is more important than pushing an ideal.

Filibuster On Gorsuch Has No Real Winners

Democrats are winning by being confrontational, and Republicans lose by not being confrontational.

Fractured Faith: America and Moral Bankruptcy

For some reason, modern counter-culture and progressivism seems to go hand-in-hand with a lack of religious faith.

McCain Uses Tough Talk In Support For Military Spending

McCain is scaring the rest of the Republicans in Congress into voting for Trump’s outrageous defense increases by threatening to shut down the federal government.

What Can the TSA Get Away With In the Name of Security?

We need to question why we are constantly expanding the powers given to the TSA, especially as their results are abysmal.

N.C. Kills 'Bathroom Bill' But Now Texas Wants One

For Republicans who are all about avoiding government waste, this is perhaps the biggest crime of all.

Nepotism is the New Normal in Trump's White House

Now that they’re there, I say we give the Trump- Kushners a chance to prove themselves. They might surprise us.

Could Trump Sabotage the ACA to Push GOP Healthcare?

If Trump’s prediction is correct and Obamacare does implode, he will no longer be the rube .

President Trump Is Going To Take Us To Mars

Americans exploring outer space is an extension of our values, beliefs, and ways of life.

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