On-A-Care, Off-A-Care?

Repeal and replace? Just repeal? No one knows where this is going.

Trump VS. LGBT Rights: The Side You Haven't Heard

Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is now President of the Free World – and the gay community is crying rivers that would put the Mississippi to shame.

Trump And Media Bias: You're All Wrong

Obsessing about something won't make it go away. It might make it popular though.

You Haven't Been Paying Attention PART 3 (via Gradieus)

For those of you that have been happily devouring your daily dose of conspiracy over the past two days, here's day three.

The Tyranny of the Rich: Why You Shouldn't Trust Those Who Own You

Democrats used to be the party for the poor and the minorities- now they're the party of Wall Street.

You Haven't Been Paying Attention PART 2 (via Gradieus)

For those of you who enjoyed Gradieus' delightfully different take on the recent ascension of President Donald Trump, we now bring you part two.

Sanders Save Us All

Oh, to imagine what could have been.

You Haven't Been Paying Attention (via Gradieus)

Equal parts ancient Chinese strategy and political conspiracy- a little bit of something for everyone.

Let the Babies Cry: Analyzing The Liberal Backlash At Trump's Victory

TD;DR: Trump won, get over it.

Why Popularity Should Matter

Hillary Clinton is joining an exclusive list that baffles many people: she won the most votes across the country, but lost the presidency.

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