Will the US Feud With Russia End With Trump?

The specific events and exchanges which caused their working and personal relationships to deteriorate are often lost in the narrative of the Trump/Putin Best Friends Forever narrative.

Trump's Travel Ban Is The Worst Decision He's Made Yet

We are not racist, discriminatory assholes, and Trump’s ban goes against American values.

This Is Why Modern Protests Don't Work

It's called the mob mentality, when otherwise normal, decent people forgo their intelligence, reason, and common sense and give into the worst kind of behavior, simply because everyone else around them is doing it.

Celebrity Hypocrisy : In Defense Of Melania Trump

For a group that professes to be champions of (illegal) immigrants, the entertainment industry sure houses a bunch of people eager and willing to mock people with accents.

Why Black Lives Matter Is Missing The Point

Here’s the cold reality, if unjust police shootings stopped overnight, it wouldn’t make a huge difference to the black community.

California Is Stupid: Calexit Will Never Succeed

Will the largest state really leave the United States? Not likely.

Restricted Press Rightfully Fight Back Against Trump

Thank you to the press who are fighting to get the facts, the truth, and real stories out to the public.

Antagonizing Mexico Will Likely Cause Losses Instead Of Gains

The president wants to build a wall, and he still wants Mexico to pay for it.

Building the Wall: Looking at the Facts

You may think it is not compassionate or violates our relationship with Mexico, but it's the very thing that has to be done.

Kushner's Role In the White House Might Plant The Seeds Of Dynasty

In an ironic twist, it may turn out that President Trump will be more of a dynasty-builder than Bill and Hillary could ever hope to be.

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