You Haven't Been Paying Attention (via Gradieus)

Equal parts ancient Chinese strategy and political conspiracy- a little bit of something for everyone.

Let the Babies Cry: Analyzing The Liberal Backlash At Trump's Victory

TD;DR: Trump won, get over it.

Why Popularity Should Matter

Hillary Clinton is joining an exclusive list that baffles many people: she won the most votes across the country, but lost the presidency.

Hug A Useful Idiot

The world that I had convinced myself I was living in revealed itself to be something different.

A Ceiling Not Shattered: The Defeat Of Hillary Clinton

Political experts and election specialists were convinced Clinton would make history by becoming the first woman elected as the President of the United States.

#TrumpNation: This is Not a Drill

Now that the most bizarre election in recent history concluded with the most shocking victory ever, what happens now?

How Could They Have Been So Wrong!?? Why You Need To Stop Listening to the MSM

No one saw this coming- especially not the media.

Stop Campaigning!

Say the word stapler. Say it again. Say it 595 more times. Are you still confident that a stapler is even a real thing?

100 Years From Now: How Will This Election Be Remembered?

You’re sitting in a classroom. It’s 2116. You’re about to learn about the history of the early 21 st century. You’ll learn about America, that once great empire.

A Learning Opportunity: What Will Children Think about the 2016 Election?

While this nation faced real issues, we were subjected to irrelevant rumors, controversy, and speculation that only served to distract us.

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