Death of a Giant: The Beginning of the End for Apple?

Apple needs to stop trying to compete with Android phones and return to the simplicity and style that Steve Jobs espoused.

Republicans Come Into Power, and Immediately Push Anti-Abortion

This bill does nothing but shame and attempt to scare women seeking abortions.

The Age of Hypocrisy Dies with Obama's White House

It's the media's job to hold our leaders accountable. Or, at the very least, report the facts so we the citizens can hold them accountable.

When Is a Hate Crime a Hate Crime In America?

While the four alleged culprits of this crime were arrested by police, the Chicago PD was reluctant to call this disgusting and terrible act a hate crime.

Confronting Flipocracy: Trump's Inconsistent Vision For America

Now, we are entering a moment where party lines are no longer ideological safe havens, and the leader of the executive branch embodies the antithesis of consistent vision.

Spitgate: The War Against Police Takes a Weird Turn

Spitting in a cop's coffee? Well, that will surely end decades of systematic oppression of black Americans!

When Are We Going to See Real News Again?

While this may sound like a win for conservatives who despise liberal news, it is a loss for the freedom of the press.

Tug of War: Why America Is the Way It Is

Rarely does it seem like we're in the happy middle, where the best ideas from both sides can have a positive effect.

US Prison Populations Drop, But Not For Long

Say goodbye to all of this progress come Jan 20th.

Keep On Winning: Milo Yiannopoulos And The New Normal

The fact remains that Milo is helping create the New Normal: an era of free speech that isn't dominated or controlled by the so-called gatekeepers of the past.

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