Trump Might Be The Best Thing For NATO

Perhaps thinly veiled threats are essential to get things going.

We Can't Make It Here Anymore: A Different Take On American Manufacturing

Let’s dispense with two falsehoods. First, that manufacturing is going save American industry, second, that it's a dead horse.

They Live: How Tech Billionaires Want to Run Your Life

There is a common adage about getting things for free. What was it again? "There's no such thing as a free lunch"? It is a reminder that with everything, there's always a cost.

Trump Spokesperson Cites WW2 Internment Camps ‘Precedent’ For Muslim Plans

I’m all for securing our homeland as much as the next guy, but it’s starting to sound a little World War 3 up in here.

The Dems Still Don’t Get It

There WAS an opportunity for Democrats to show Americans who didn’t vote for Hillary that they were heard loud and clear.

The Beginning of the End: Twitter Attacks Its Own Users

I'm no business guru, but I do know that the success of a company is based on how they treat their customers.

Gays Will Be Prosecuted For Having Sex If This Supreme Court Justice Pick Has His Way

Billy Pryor isn’t your ordinary conservative-leaning, “family values first” kind of guy – he’s an infamous homophobic Southerner.

How the Mighty Have Fallen: The Left's Refusal To Change Spells Its Doom

The left has rejected facts and truth for a scheme that turns Americans against each other.

Racism And Corruption Are Alive And Well In D.C.

If you’re not terrified of Trump’s new White House appointments, you should be.

Taking Back the Arts: There Are More Conservatives Out There Than You Think

It will only be a matter of time before conservatives hold sway within our pop culture once again.

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