Melania Trump, Crisis Control: Can former model and potential First Wife Melania Trump save her husband’s public image and reputation?

In an attempt to salvage her husband’s crippling public image, Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential nominee and target of public ridicule Donald Trump, attempted to perform damage control on national television.

Trump Vs. Everybody: After an attack on SNL, can Trump’s reputation be redeemed?

While the skit received high praise on social media and news outlets, there was one person in particular who was not amused.

The End of An Era: How Black Lives Matter is Destroying the NFL

We are living in interesting times. That's not a compliment .

Milo in Full Effect: This Is How You Take down Social Justice Warriors

Being that I'm an old, decrepit man of 32, I don't really know what is going on right now on college campuses around America.

We Control the Vertical, We Control the Horizontal: Why You Can No Longer Trust the Media

There was a time, I have been told, when people trusted the news.

Echo Chambers Within Echo Chambers: How the Press Continues to Destroy Itself

It's a major reality that the mainstream media is broken.

Republican party on the precipice of civil war, 29 days before election

The Republican party inched toward civil war less than a month before election day...

The Clown Epidemic, What's Really Going On?

What I'm talking about of course is the growing number of clown sightings across America.

The Millennial Problem: Why Modern Politicians Cannot Connect with the next Gen of Voters

I was born in 1984. Technically, according to someone I've never met, that makes me a Millennial.

An Industry of Make-Believe: Why is Hollywood So Damn Liberal?

It's practically a foregone conclusion these days that the vast majority of people working in Hollywood are liberal.

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