Study: Full-Time Minimum Wage Workers Earn Less Than Cost of Rent in All 50 States

There is not a single county in America where a federal minimum wage employee can afford a two-bedroom apartment, and only 7% where they can afford a one-bedroom rental.

Chuck Schumer’s Push to Decriminalize Marijuana Faces Pushback From GOP and His Own Party

“It’s not just an idea whose time has come; it’s long overdue,” Schumer said.

House Republicans Break Fundraising Record With $45 Million Haul

Big donors are ponying up ahead of a pivotal 2022 midterm.

Republican Lawmakers Roll Out Bills to Ban “Discrimination” Against Unvaccinated People

State lawmakers are using civil rights laws to craft protections for the unvaccinated.

Biden Still Hasn’t Filled Key Administration Positions 6 Months After Taking Office

Biden still hasn't nominated several key officials and many top jobs are filled with acting directors.

White House Says It’s “Flagging Problematic Posts” For Facebook Moderators

"Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove harmful violative posts,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

82-Year-Old Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Says He Hasn’t Made Retirement Plans

Amid calls to retire, Breyer says he is enjoying his newfound senior role on the court.

House Oversight Committee Launches Probe Into Arizona Election “Audit”

House probes if audit is intended to "promote baseless conspiracy theories" and "reverse the result of a free and fair election for partisan gain.”

Judge Rules California Gov. Gavin Newsom Can’t Identify Himself as Democrat on Recall Ballot

Newsom's attorney failed to designate a party affiliation before the state's deadline.

Texas Democrats Flee State In Bid to Block GOP Voting Restrictions as Governor Vows Arrests

The move delayed the passage of the GOP voting bill but is unlikely to prevent it.

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