Tennessee Bill Would Force Drunk Drivers to Pay Child Support For Victims’ Children

The bill is believed to be the first of its kind.

Analysis: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Border Policy Cost US $9 Billion in 10 Days

The policy cost Texas more than $4 billion in GDP.

New Study: Legalizing Marijuana Lowers Demand for Expensive Prescription Drugs

Legal weed seemed to lead to drop in demand for drugs that treat anxiety, sleep disorders and other ailments.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Reverses Ruling, Adopts Legislative Maps Drawn by Republicans

The ruling came after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the court from adopting a Democratic map.

New York Court Rules Democrats’ Congressional Map is Illegal Due to Political Bias

Democrats plan to appeal to the highest state court, where every judge was appointed by Democratic governors.

Trump Donors Urge Manchin to Run for President as Republican at $5,000-a-Plate Fundraiser

Manchin told attendees that he plans to run for re-election in 2024.

Florida Rejects 54 Math Books, Claiming They Have References to Critical Race Theory

The state's department of education banned 41% of proposed math books, including 70% of materials for grades K-5.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars Files For Bankruptcy, Likely Halting Sandy Hook Lawsuits

The filing could pause proceedings in civil lawsuits stemming from Jones' Sandy Hook conspiracy theory.

Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Fourth Attempt at New Legislative Map in Chaotic Redistricting Mess

Ohio Republicans tried to run out the clock but the court won't let them.

CNN+ is Already Facing Big Cuts Weeks After Brutal, Expensive Launch

The new streaming network is averaging fewer than 10,000 daily viewers.

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