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Trump Leaves Business To Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Hopefully, Trump cuts ties and doesn’t use his newly-given Executive powers for personal gain.

Is It American to Hate the President?

America isn't America unless its people are a part of the conversation.

Burn the Flag, Lose Citizenship or Go to Jail

Someone needs to put a kiddie web-blocker on Donald’s phone.

Will They Ever Learn? The Left's Shrinking Influence In Our Society.

A group that once existed to fight injustice has fallen very far.

PC And Proud Of It: It Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

I’m sick of people accusing me of political correctness.

How Free is Free? Should There be Limits to Our Freedom of Speech?

Widespread protection of our freedoms has been taken for granted by many Americans.

Rhetoric For Dummies PART 1: Logical Holes You're Using Way Too Often

When I was at school, we were forced to take a course called Rhetoric. It was mandatory.

Can't Be Trust: Should Celebrities Get off Social Media?

It's unlikely that many celebrities will learn to use social media responsibly. 

It's a Movement: How the People who Elected Trump Aren't Going Away

Traditionally, the American people think their job is done once they vote for their man.

Standing Rock Protests: Police Need To Be Stopped

Stop pretending there is justification for the police violence against unarmed protesters at Standing Rock.