Giuliani Accuses Twitter of Conspiracy After His Accidental Link Forwards to Anti-Trump Page

The president's one-time cybersecurity adviser does not know how URLs work.

Bob Mueller Says Michael Flynn Cooperated With Probe, Recommends No Jail Time

Mueller says Flynn was key in multiple investigations and recommended no jail time.

Florida SWAT Sergeant Punished for Wearing QAnon Patch in Photo With Mike Pence

The deputy was reassigned after Pence posted the photo on Twitter.

Eric Trump Attacks George Conway for ‘Utter Disrespect’ Toward Wife Kellyanne

Eric Trump offered his thoughts on George and Kellyanne Conway's marriage on Twitter.

Mueller ‘Tying Up Loose Ends’ in Probe, Will Issue Public Memos on Manafort, Flynn, Cohen

Bob Mueller will reveal details of the probe in sentencing memos this week as investigation appears in final stages.

Fox & Friends Falsely Claim Weed is ‘Ruining Families and Killing People Every Day’ in US

Fox & Friends guest pushes long-debunked Reefer Madness claims in 2018.

GOP Lawmakers to Strip Governor Power Before Newly Elected Democrat Takes Office

Wisconsin GOP moves to cripple incoming Democrat after losing governor's race.

Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Use Stolen Forklift to ‘Flip’ Trump’s Limo

Prosecutors say he plotted to assassinate the president.

THE CLOUD ACT: How Unconstitutional Data Collection Crosses US-UK Borders

A potential, legal loophole is forming between the United States and Britain via The CLOUD Act, which would allow for the exchange of a US resident's digital information that some are already calling unlawful and in violation of Fourth Amendment privacy protections. 

Richard Ojeda, 2020 Democrat Candidate: “Put Body Cameras on Every Lobbyist”

Richard Ojeda has a radical set of anti-lobbyist policy proposals that he hopes will "drain the swamp" once and for all