Nevada Becomes First State to Marijuana Testing of Prospective Employees

The bill bans employers from rejecting applicants who tested positive for marijuana but makes exemptions for several types of jobs.

House Democrats Vote to Hold AG Bill Barr, Ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn in Contempt

The House of Representatives voted to hold Barr and McGahn in civil contempt while the Oversight committee mulls a criminal contempt citation.

House Democrats Pull Bill to Give Lawmakers a Pay Raise After Backlash

Congress hasn't gotten a raise in a decade. Some Democrats say that has opened the door to "bribery and corruption."

California Will Start Providing Health Care for Some Adults in the United States Illegally

California will allow undocumented low-income adults between 19 and 25 years old to receive Medicaid.

‘Armed’ Neo-Nazis Get Police 'Escort' to Interrupt Detroit Pride Parade

  • Jun 10, 2019 1:30PM

Police said they intended to keep the peace but Pride activists say they allowed Nazis to disrupt their celebration.

Democrats Should Address, Not Ignore or Dismiss, Skepticism of Single-Payer Health Care

There is a world of difference between demanding support for a specific objective and demanding support for a specific strategy designed to achieve that objective.

Trump Administration Orders Troops to Paint Border Wall to ‘Improve’ Its ‘Aesthetic Appearance’

Trump sent troops to the border to battle what he called a "crisis." They'll spend the next 30 days painting fences.

Hannity Says It’s ‘Despicable’ to Call for Political Opponents to be ‘Locked Up’ After Pelosi Comment

After participating at Trump rallies filled with "lock her up" chants, Hannity calls Nancy Pelosi despicable for wanting to see Trump prosecuted.

Oregon Senate Passes Bill Allowing Victims of Racist 911 Calls to Sue Callers

The bill would allow victims of racially-motivated 911 calls to sue callers for up to $250.

‘Economic Patriotism’: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Praises Elizabeth Warren’s Economic Plan

Tucker Carlson praises Elizabeth Warren's economic plan: "She sounds like Trump at his best."


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