Pete Buttigieg, Supporters Hit Back at Hecklers Shouting About ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’

Hecklers shouting "remember Sodom and Gomorrah" were drowned out by Buttigieg's supporters.

New Poll: Republicans Believe Evangelical Christians More Discriminated Against Than Black People

Americans are split down party lines over their perception of discrimination against majority and minority groups.

Trump Lawyers Threaten to Sue His Accounting Firm If They Comply With Subpoena For His Records

Longtime Trump accounting firm Mazars USA said it would provide the committee with records if they issued a subpoena.

Video: Bernie Sanders Gets Huge Support For ‘Medicare for All’ at Fox News Town Hall

Host Bret Baier was not expecting this response from the Fox News audience.

Bernie Sanders Goes On Fox To Attack Trump

Sanders is set to appear in a Fox News town hall to be broadcast live from Bethlehem, Pa.

On Tax Day, Trump Tax Cuts Remain Deeply Unpopular

As Americans rush Monday to finish with their own tax filings, their judgment on Trump’s beloved tax cut bill is pretty clear: Most really don’t like it.

New National Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg Rises to 3rd Place

Bernie Sanders now leads Joe Biden for the first time while Pete Buttigieg continues to rise following strong polls in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Barr’s Mueller Report Briefing to Trump Admin Sparks ‘Significant Concern’ Among WH Officials

Trump officials are worried about new questions that will be raised in the Mueller report after AG Bill Barr briefed the White House on its contents.

Candace Owens Lies To Congress With Race War “Myth” Testimony

Candace Owens claims that the Republican party's strategy to gain political support by appealing to racism against Blacks never happened, which is historically untrue.

Joe Biden is Proof That #MeToo Isn't Just About Sexual Harassment

While stories about the most abusive kinds of behavior have generally captured the headlines since the beginning of #MeToo, the Joe Biden controversy represents a genuine need to have a broader discussion about consent -- one that isn't merely sexual.