Arizona Judge Dismisses Most of Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Challenging Her Election Loss

A judge dismissed eight of the 10 counts alleged by Lake.

Judge Strips Bankruptcy Protections From Alex Jones in $1.5 Billion Sandy Hook Case

A judge lifted an automatic stay that went into effect when Jones filed for bankruptcy.

Prosecutors Are Looking at FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried’s Donations to Democrats and Republicans

SBF and FTX executives donated tens of millions ahead of the 2022 election.

Congress Passes $858 Billion Military Spending Bill That Repeals Troop Vaccine Mandate

The military requires troops to get a host of other vaccines.

Texas Officials Trying to Block Voter-Approved Ballot Measures Decriminalizing Marijuana

Despite overwhelming votes, local officials worry that measures conflict with state law.

DeSantis Holds Early Lead Over Trump In 2024 GOP Primary Polls

Multiple polls show Trump support falling after midterm failure.

Massachusetts Recount Flips State Legislature Race to Democrat By Just One Vote

Republican incumbent vows legal challenge after losing his 10-vote lead.

House Democrats Pass Bill Giving Puerto Rico Option to Vote on Statehood or Independence

The bill is likely doomed in the Senate.

Trump’s “Major Announcement” Turns Out To Be Just a $99 NFT Trading Card of Himself

Even Trump's biggest supporters cringed at the launch.

Biden Admin Sues Arizona GOP Governor For Filing Border Wall Gaps With Shipping Containers

The DOJ filed a lawsuit arguing the makeshift barrier is illegal, dangerous and interferes with federal duties.

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