Goodbye Trump, Hello Biden

The new president's transition may have been a turbulent one for the nation, but there are reasons to be hopeful.

Majority of House GOP Supports Removing Liz Cheney for Trump Impeachment Vote: Report

Cheney is confident she can hang on to her role as the No. 3 Republican in the House.

Biden to Sign New Executive Orders Expanding Food Stamps and Speeding Up Stimulus Checks

Biden's plan will primarily boost food stamps by 15% to 20% for some 12 million families.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Files Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden Without Any GOP Support

Not a single other Republican is backing her impeachment push.

Twitter Locks Chinese Embassy in DC Out of Its Account For “Dehumanization” of Uyghur Muslims

The embassy defended the country's treatment of Uyghur Muslims after the US said it was committing a genocide.

Democrats Take Control of Senate For The First Time in Six Years After Georgia Lawmakers Sworn In

Mitch McConnell's reign is over as Chuck Schumer takes over majority.

Biden Team Says Trump Administration Had No Vaccine Plan, Must Start “From Scratch”: Report

The new administration says it has to start from "square one."

Biden Plans Numerous First-Day Executive Orders Targeting Trump’s Legacy

Biden plans 17 moves to rollback Trump's policies as soon as he takes office.

Trump Leaves Office As Biden Takes Power: “We’ll Be Back in Some Form, Have a Good Life”

“This is democracy’s day," President Joe Biden said in his inaugural address.

Trump Pardons Steve Bannon, Gives Clemency to Over 140 People in Final Hours in Office

Trump also pardoned former fundraiser Elliott Broidy and multiple corrupt former lawmakers.

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