Proud Boys Labeled "Hate Group", Founder Gavin McInnes Files Lawsuit

McInnes is suing the SPLC because being labeled a "hate group" cost him his PayPal and Facebook accounts.

Federal Prosecutors Subpoena Trump Inauguration in Probe of Possible Illegal Donors

Prosecutors are looking at possible crimes related to conspiracy to defraud the United States, mail fraud, false statements, wire fraud, and money laundering.

Howard Schultz’s Own Polling Shows He Would Help Re-Elect Trump

Schultz's internal polling shows he would lose miserably while also helping Trump win.

Hundreds of Inmates Held at Freezing NYC Jail After Power Outage During Record Cold

More than 1,600 federal inmates left without heat as temperatures plunged to 2 degrees.

Trump Says in Super Bowl Interview That the NFL is Popular Again Because He Ended Protests

The president bragged that he helped NFL ratings shortly before the lowest-rated Super Bowl in the last decade.

California Restaurant Owner Bans Customers in MAGA Hats

Bay Area restaurant owner says MAGA hats are symbols of hate like "swastikas."

Cory Booker Launches Presidential Run on First Day of Black History Month

The New Jersey Democrat is running on a platform of criminal justice reform, climate justice, and Medicare for All.

Active-Duty US Military Suicide Hit Record High in 2018

Military suicides hit a record high for the second time in six years in 2018.

Kim Davis Must Pay $222K in Legal Fees For Couples Who Sued Her in Gay Marriage Case: Gov

Lawyers pro-Kim Davis governor Matt Bevin threw her under the bus in court.

WH Officials ‘Stunned’ As Jared Claims He Can Get Dems to Back Wall With Koch Brothers’ Help

Jared Kushner failed to get Democrats to back wall during shutdown, now he thinks he'll convince them with the Koch brothers' help.