Ukraine Will Review Closed Case Involving Biden’s Son After Trump Pressure Campaign

Ukraine's new top prosecutor says he will review the case closed by his predecessor.

US Officials Say ‘Odd Markings,’ Ellipses Show Trump Ukraine Transcript May Have Been Edited

Officials say use of ellipses and other odd marks suggest the transcript Trump released isn't like the others.

Ex-Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Gets 10 Years for Killing Botham Jean in His Own Home

Jean's brother and the judge embraced Guyger after the sentence was handed down.

Mike Pompeo Admits He Was on Trump’s Ukraine Call After Denying He Knew Anything About It

Democrats say Pompeo is obstructing their impeachment inquiry.

Judge Rules Harvard Doesn’t Discriminate Against Asian-Americans in Affirmative Action Lawsuit

The lawsuit is expected to be appealed, and could head to the Supreme Court.

Andrew Yang Nearly Quadruples His Last Quarter Fundraising With $10 Million Haul

Yang outraises longtime senators like Cory Booker and Michael Bennet, though he still trails well behind Bernie Sanders.

House Democrats Subpoena Rudy Giuliani in Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Giuliani has suggested he may not comply with the Democrats' investigation.

Trump and Barr Solicit UK, Australia, and Italy in Effort to Discredit Mueller Probe

Australian officials vowed to cooperate with Trump's crusade.

Pentagon, State Department, National Security Council Backed Ukraine Aid. Trump Blocked It Anyway.

Fox News reports Trump blocked Ukraine aid despite "unanimous" support.

Biden Campaign Sends Letter Demanding News Outlets Stop Letting Rudy Giuliani on TV

Biden wants Rudy banned for repeatedly pushing lies that have been debunked.


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