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Not My President? What's Really Behind the Backlash

They claimed it was to take a stand against the hate that Trump would undoubtedly spread in his future presidency.

The First 100 Days Of Donald: First Orders From The President-Elect

Whether you love him or hate him, Trump’s planning to shake up America like a martini in a James Bond flick.

The Trump-Putin Connection: What Do We Know?

Even with evidence of Russian election tampering, there are still those who insist that there is nothing shady going on here.

It Begins: You're Watching the Meltdown of the MSM

Donald Trump proved with his election that he does not need the press to reach the American public.

Apologize? Trump’s Demanding Tantrums Are Unconstitutional

Donald Trump is proponent of safe spaces- as long as they're for him and his friends. 

Facebook's Fake News Epidemic

Pope Francis says this is the article you HAVE to read.

Would You Like Coffee with That?

In the past, Starbucks had Christmas-themed images on their cups. Fitting, considering it was Christmas time.

Trump Might Be The Best Thing For NATO

Perhaps thinly veiled threats are essential to get things going.

We Can't Make It Here Anymore: A Different Take On American Manufacturing

Let’s dispense with two falsehoods. First, that manufacturing is going save American industry, second, that it's a dead horse. 

Trump Spokesperson Cites WW2 Internment Camps ‘Precedent’ For Muslim Plans

I’m all for securing our homeland as much as the next guy, but it’s starting to sound a little World War 3 up in here.