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Trump Sides With Dems On Debt Ceiling Decision

The decision puts both Republicans and Democrats alike in a tough spot, but no one has it worse than Paul Ryan. 

Next On The Clinton Blame List: Bernie Sanders

In her latest tone-deaf accusation, Clinton blamed Bernie Sanders for paving the way for a Trump victory.  

Why Is Donald Trump Ending DACA?

The economic benefits of DACA are clear; what’s even more apparent is the damage the Trump administration will do to our economy by rescinding it.

Ending DACA Is What Trump Promised Americans

As unfortunate as it may be, the children of illegal immigrants are still here in direct violation of the law.

Utah Police Arrest Nurse For Following Hospital Policy

The Utah police department is making changes after video footage went viral of their officers wrongfully arresting a nurse for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient.

Harriet Tubman May Not Be On The 20 After All

There are distasteful elements of this country’s past, and while the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one, acknowledgment that’s not followed by action is ultimately meaningless.

Pelosi: A 'Moderate' In An Increasingly Radical Party

Moderate because, at the end of the day, it’s all relative.

NYC Threatens Charter School Success Over Political Correctness

The value of true education reform is apparently less than that of the feelings of one politician who stands in the way of charter school expansion.

David Clarke: The Next Unsurprising Addition To Team Trump

Trump loves to place himself in the company of traditional power figures like police officers and military generals, believing that he will be viewed as powerful by association.

Media Attack Melania's Heels Because They Can't Think Of A Story

This has less to do with politics and more to do with the underachieving, never-even-try attitude of these people.