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At Least 4 Republicans Won't Seek Re-Election In 2018

It looks like some Republicans are choosing a political sabbatical over re-election in 2018. Are they trying to disassociate themselves from the Trump Administration? 

Hate Crime Hoaxer Yasmin Seweid Pleads Guilty

The irony of this is that while Seweid attempted to vilify Trump supporters, in the end, she only made herself look bad.

Miss America Questions Take Aim At President Trump

While the competition has always had a mild political edge, this year's questions were posed to make any dissension seem ludicrous and illogical.

The Impossible Standard Of Ideological Purity Tests

As the saying goes, slow motion is better than no motion. Let's not let perfect be the enemy of good. 

The First Amendment Is More Important Than Wedding Cake

As politically incorrect as it is to say, if someone doesn't want to bake you a cake, your time and money are probably better spent somewhere else. 

Obama’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Is A Costly Failure

For such a cause to get funding, one would think the data would support it. With respect to teen pregnancy, this was not the case.

L.A. City Council Drops ‘Columbus Day’ for ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

It is modern progressivism, also known as historical revisionism. White men not included.

No, This Isn't The 'Trump Pivot' We've Been Promised

This is about getting praise, the cooperation between Democrats and Trump we are seeing will extend no further than that. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes On 'The View'

The extremely liberal women of ‘The View’ bombarded Sanders with false accusations and questions with a clear agenda behind them.

Verrit: What The Hell Is Hillary Thinking?

This strain of liberalism champions progressive values when it is convenient, but has no qualms about abandoning them in favor of self-preservation. And Hillary Clinton is the face of it.