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Trump Talks With Taiwan: A New Precedent For Relations With China?

Maybe it’s time to stop biting the hand that has fed you for all of these years before we have you butchered.

Precious Snowflakes? Bring Out Your Blowtorches!

These selfish, privileged children have launched a crusade attacking anyone that differs from their ideas.

A Healthy Swamp: Trump Appointments Show Little Change For Washington

I’ve never drained a swamp – but I feel like there’s a right way and wrong way.

From the Bleachers: A Few Celebrities Come to Their Senses

Most celebrities just saw a woman running for president. Case closed.

Rhetoric for Dummies PART 2: More Logical Holes You're Using Way Too Often

Our ability to understand and logically address arguments is essential to making good decisions as a society. 

You’re Fighting To Get Fired: The Fight For $15 Is The Wrong Fight

I wish I could get behind a $15/hr minimum wage, I really do. 

Trump Leaves Business To Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Hopefully, Trump cuts ties and doesn’t use his newly-given Executive powers for personal gain.

Is It American to Hate the President?

America isn't America unless its people are a part of the conversation.

Burn the Flag, Lose Citizenship or Go to Jail

Someone needs to put a kiddie web-blocker on Donald’s phone.

Will They Ever Learn? The Left's Shrinking Influence In Our Society.

A group that once existed to fight injustice has fallen very far.