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Methinks They Protest Too Much: The Left Hates Shakespeare Now

Apparently, we're only inclusive if we celebrate radical activists whose lifestyles and work were in line with liberals.

We Need To Talk About Pizzagate: Fake Stories, Real Consequences

When a guy who runs a Ping Pong themed pizzeria comes face to face with an AR-15 over something someone wrote as clickbait , I can’t believe that the current set-up is working.

How Fake Is Too Fake? When Will Viewers Abandon the MSM?

I've been trying to avoid using the term "fake news" in the aftermath of this election.

The US Will Collapse, Says Futurist Who Predicted Fall of USSR

Johan Galtung claims that the United States as a global superpower will fall into fascism and eventually collapse under the leadership of Donald Trump.

Filibusted! We're Witnessing The Death of Politics

Both Republicans and Democrats will have to reform in order to survive. Clearly, Democrats have the bigger job ahead of them.

How to Get Away With Murder? Be A White Cop

This should have been an open-and-shut case.

Heartbeat: Ohio Passes Bill To Ban Abortions 6 Weeks After Conception

If Heartbeat passes, it looks like we’re going to be painting Ohio black.

The Control Left: Loudly Ruining Liberalism For Everyone

The left is developing a problem with freedom of speech.

DAPL: Celebrate the Victory But Keep On Fighting

Hold the fireworks and champagne for a while longer.

Fear the Future: The Sad State of America's Citizens

My optimism wanes when I read about young America.