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Trump Blocks Someone On Twitter, The Media Loses Their Minds

The President is not obligated to take endless abuse from anyone, regardless of whether or not they have cancer.

Manafort Wiretap: Was Trump Right All Along?

If the government is willing to wiretap the President’s campaign chairman, who won’t they wiretap?

Trump’s UN Speech: Here’s What You Need to Know

For those looking for an honest accounting of Trump’s message,  I will maintain a chronological order in this summary.

No One Should Be Surprised By Low Emmy Ratings

At this point, the success or failure of Hollywood is up to them. Whether or not their ratings improve or worsen is entirely in their hands.

Trump Compromises On DACA To Get The Wall Later

Trump’s decision to allow Dreamers to stay is clear: he is interested in bipartisan solutions. Now, it is on Democrats to show that they are interested in a similar approach.

Sean Spicer Hasn't Changed Just Because He Made Some Jokes

Sean Spicer’s appearance at Sunday night’s Emmy awards was funny, but still problematic. 

NY Times Reporter Equates Volunteer Work To Child Labor

The idea that the young Frank Giaccio was somehow being exploited by asking to mow the White House lawn is simply asinine. 

Kaspersky Software Banned On U.S. Government Computers

The Kaspersky ban may be one of the first tangible examples of policymakers wielding their authority in response to suspicions of 2016 Russian election interference.

What Does Bernie’s Medicare For All Bill Mean?

We may not see Sanders’ bill ever come to fruition, but there’s a better-than-average chance that a more moderate bill will get through.

Political Violence, Police Militarization And Antifa

These two issues are locked in a codependent feedback loop, one necessitating and rationalizing the other.