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The End of An Era: How Black Lives Matter is Destroying the NFL

We are living in interesting times. That's not a compliment.

Milo in Full Effect: This Is How You Take down Social Justice Warriors

Being that I'm an old, decrepit man of 32, I don't really know what is going on right now on college campuses around America.

We Control the Vertical, We Control the Horizontal: Why You Can No Longer Trust the Media

There was a time, I have been told, when people trusted the news.     

Echo Chambers Within Echo Chambers: How the Press Continues to Destroy Itself

It's a major reality that the mainstream media is broken.

Republican party on the precipice of civil war, 29 days before election

The Republican party inched toward civil war less than a month before election day...  

The Clown Epidemic, What's Really Going On?

What I'm talking about of course is the growing number of clown sightings across America.

The Millennial Problem: Why Modern Politicians Cannot Connect with the next Gen of Voters

I was born in 1984. Technically, according to someone I've never met, that makes me a Millennial.

An Industry of Make-Believe: Why is Hollywood So Damn Liberal?

It's practically a foregone conclusion these days that the vast majority of people working in Hollywood are liberal.

The Rise and Fall of Social Media: Why the World's "Greatest" Platforms Might Soon Be Gone

It looked like our modern technological solutions were paving the way to a new age of world-wide civil liberties.Then it all went away.


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