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U.S. Allies, Congressional Republicans Slam Trump's Trade Policies

Tariffs that President Trump has slapped on foreign-made products are sparking a backlash not only from the countries whose goods he is targeting, but also from Republican leaders on Capitol Hill.

Flint Is Far From America's Only Drinking Water Concern

The nonprofit Environmental Working Group alleges certain chemicals have found their way into far more public drinking-water systems than experts had previously thought.

Court Rules Trump Cannot Block Citizens On Twitter

U.S. District Court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald issued a ruling declaring that Trump's blocking of citizens on Twitter violated the first amendment. 

“Unbiased” DNC Chair Endorses Establishment New York Governor Cuomo

After the major fallout from bias favoring Clinton over Sanders within the DNC in 2016, you would have thought they'd learned their lesson by now. 

Death Toll From Puerto Rico Hurricane Much Higher Than Originally Reported

The island's government was way off the mark when it estimated the death toll at just 64, according to a Harvard University study.

Congressional Candidates Winning With 'Medicare For All' Message

Several candidates running in the mid-term congressional elections have won their Democratic primaries partly because of their support for a single-payer health-care system.

Kushner's Prison Reform Bill Divides The Senate

Critics of Kushner's bill point to a lack of sentencing reform and the relatively small percentage of inmates in federal institutions as reasons the bill will not be effective.  

U.S. Nukes Were Guarded By LSD-Indulging Troops

As the discussion of nuclear weapons, and by extension the scrutiny of nuclear-armed nations’ arsenals, become increasingly prevalent, it’s apparent that these airmen picked the wrong era in which to participate in a drug ring of any sort.

Many American Jobs Remain Unfilled Due To Opioid Crisis

As much as a quarter of the five-percentage-point decline in labor-force participation from 1999 to 2015 was a result of opioids, says Princeton University economist Alan Krueger.

Weinstein Released On $1 Million Bail After Court Appearance

A judge released disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on a $1 million bail, requiring him to wear an electronic monitor and revoking his passport.