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Split Over Sanctuary Cities Could Shut Down Government

Every member of Congress will potentially face the wrath of voters if his or her refusal to compromise leads to the indefinite shutting down of non-essential federal agencies.

Why Do Liberals Embarrass Themselves?

I don't think much of liberal politics, but regardless of what you believe, I'm a strong proponent of thinking for yourself.

Will States Pursue Liberal Policy Without Trump?

Aside from New York and California, few Democratic states have enough of a tax base to support bold initiatives like tuition-free college and single-payer healthcare.

“Extreme Vetting”: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Two sisters from Colombia have been sent back to their home country after being detained at a Boston airport for nearly 36 hours, which included a hospital visit for the younger girl.

Trump Donates $78K To Parks And Cuts $1.5 Billion From Them

This is characteristic behavior for the Trump family in general, who pay fewer taxes than the working poor but distract from that by making huge donations to hospitals and charitable foundations.

United Bloodies Passenger On Overbooked Flight

Is United Airlines trying to start a boycott?

Bannon Off NSC: The Perversion of Palace Politics

While Bannon is bad, and his dismissal might be good news, vigilance, not the indulgence of wacky political in-fighting is the only way to be sure.

Why The GOP's Use Of The "Nuclear Option" Matters

Instead of trying to improve America, it seems that partisan hacks of both parties are more interested in thwarting the opposition at any cost.

Do The Rich Help The Poor Without An Agenda?

When the elite try to help, they always seem to have ulterior motives.

Is Pepsi Trying To Cash In On Black Lives Matter?

Corporations, please don't try to convince us of your political convictions if you're not going to bother to take the time to think it through first, and critics, try to have a sense of proportion.